coming to terms

After much soul searching and meditating, I think I am at the place of acceptance. What makes me think I am anymore special than the next person in regards to my longevity, the fear was getting to me and I felt like my life was already over so why bother......but thats not me, I may not have quantity but i will have quality, thats my decision. My life is in flux and will most likely stay that way and I will deal with it as it comes. I have made the decision to see this head on no flinching come what may. I think I am finding my way back to my joy. I am sure there will still be dark days to come but I will see them through.
I tried an new acupuncturist yesterday and it seems like it might be a better fit, she is a physiotherapist and she said she is willing to do some research into my condition and see if she feels she can do me some good. We did a session and it was so different from the chinese medicine guy. It was very peaceful and relaxing and pain free. I could barely feel it when she came in to stimulate the pins....when my other guy would come in to do it i would be in a sweat by the time he was done and it was usually only 6 or 8 pins. I think I might give it a go and see what happens.
I had a great time with my daughter and the play was amazing. I even managed to do some walking around her neighbourhoood with out too much difficulty....we did cab it most of the time because I didnt want to get too worn out. we even went for a bra fitting....what a laugh. they told me I am a 38F.....I laughed out loud and said what like holy f**k. I think I will keep to my cheapy walmart bras, they fit just as good and dont hurt my wallet as much.
Hubby and I are going to Toronto on the weekend for a alternative health expo, check out what new stuff is being hyped and see whats what....something to do anyway. I'll let you all know if I find a miracle cure or two....