Good Morning everyone,  Steve is still sick with the cold.  I have called the doctor about an appointment. He has given in to getting some help. I hope it has not gotton into his lungs, because that is where he has some tumors. He is sleeping better thank goodness.  I have slept in the spare room for the last few nights because I have it too. I don't like that because I like to check on him in the nights by listening to him breathe or by touching him.
When my brother Dale died of cancer he had a do not resucate order.   He was doing fine until he had a stroke one morning. Because of the DNR order nothing was done.  So I have a really big fear of that for my Steve.  Dale had bladder cancer that had spread. He was only 55 and died on his birthday. He has been gone for 6 years now and I still miss him.  He loved to eat and was a good cook, I will always remember that about him. We were 17 monnts apart in age.
Can you believe we drug outselves out to church yesterday. Steve insisted we go because it was our 125th birthday.  He became emotional when he read our bulletin.  It had listed every member that had passed away in the past 25 years. Of course both of his parents and special people he had loved were listed.  We also had pictures of members playing on the screen so we could see some of those loved ones again.  It was a wonderful tribute but somewhat sad. His sister and neice began to cry when a picture of Steve's mother came on the screen.
When I was 16 I joined his church.  I only lived about 3 miles from Steve so I was a member before we married. His parents were dairy farmers so that was a very hard life. Farming is a hard life in general but dairy farming is a job 24-7.  Those cows have to be milked twice a day, no excuses. But his mother and dad NEVER missed church.  Steve has several of perfect attendance  pens  that you used to get back in the day.  Not only did they milk the cows but dinner was prepared and the children were ready for church on time. How did they do it?  It was just a given that church was a huge part of their lives.  A very hard life.
Well I didn't mean to ramble but I just love to read some of the stories you girls write.  I guess that is a woman thing to express our feelings. (sorry guys) I hope you all have a blessed day and remember Linda as she says goodbye to her precious M.
Hugs, Wanda



Hey Girl!
Your church sounds wonderful. Even though it was emotional, sounds like a beautiful tribute to those that have gone to their reward.
I, too, pray that this cold hasn\'t settled in Steve\'s lungs. Maybe it\'s harder for him to get over it quickly due to low immune system. Good idea to call the doctor, Hon.
Take care and have a good week.
Hugs to you and Steve!

Wanda...So sorry Steve isn\'t feeling well..hopefully you can get him to the doctor and nurse him back. My Buddy also had a DNR and it scared me as well but I also knew that he would have never wanted to live out any part of his life on life the end he just peacefully went ...i think it\'s wonderful what the church did yesterday and makes everyone feel like a family..that\'s an important part of church life as I remember it...Hugs Ellen

Hi Wanda - really hoping that Steve\'s feeling better and you\'ve managed to get an appointment for him. And thanks for all the little insights into your life Wanda - I love your rambles!
lots of love, Meriel