coffee hs, as a place2 meet ppl/or place2 talk about good spots :)

Feb 9 at 3:53 AM
Depending on where you live -- also -- there is the phenomenon of coffee house(s). There were 5 in a coffee house circuit when I was in L.A.; 3 now in my college town of 100,000. They are less rowdy than bars. People can go there for serious conversation, ya see people playing parlor games sometimes.
I used to go to a coffee house in Philly; the proprietors were nice people, introduced me around. A singer was there once, playing guitar and singing cowboy songs.
I go to a coffee shop -- or coffee house -- often, and drink herbal (mebe fruit-flavored) tea. And read. I'm happier there than@home. Sometimes a person I know will be here, sometimes after an hour of reading one will come in. Some of the ppl there just hang with their friends as we say, but others are always interested in meeting new people (ppl ). Occasionally that will lead to a really good conversation, other times the person will just, being friendly, explain a little about the place and mention a person or two** you might enjoy meeting. **A person who comes there sometimes
Maybe some, come to think of it, see themselves as welcomers.
Sometimes in these places I get into a conversation about "where is a good place.." "Oh, if you want to meet ppl interested in (whatever) you might go to...." People steer one another; some people you meet might have no great amount in common but have been around enough to know which spots attract people of which interests and which temperments.
Some social workers (MSWs) re into that kind of steering-ppl. I went, for folk dancing, to a Jewish center once. Well the center's social worker was there, because she liked to folk dance, and I talked to her. Hm I bet half of her job was to hook (young) ppl up. LOL . Well if she is in that business it would be natural for her to just generally think about helping ppl find ppl. So!, get hold of a social worker & network, ask hir what social worker (s)he knows who helps ppl in this way . . / cheers



you\'re lucky to have such places. my town has redneck bars, to avoid.