Codependent No More

I startedreadinga great book which I got in 2009. I always wanted to read it, but didn't take time to do it. It's called: Codependent No More.The author who is Melody Beattie asks me: How do you feel about changing yourself? What do you think would happen if you begin to change? Do you think you can change? Why or why not? Write several paragraphs answering these questions.I think changing is necessary and I feel optimistic to know there is a simpler way to live than I used to see it. I feel hopeful; this is my feeling about changing.Also I have to say it is a new world, often we are afraid of changes, but this time I am not, just the opposite, I feel hopeful and pretty sure the outcome will be better than not trying it.I think if I begin to change I will be happier than now. This change has to do with looking in the mirror and not see a victim through the glass, through my feelings and emotions; it has to do with stopping blaming others for my anger and unhappiness, and accepting that I am good enough to live in this world in which we have the joy to live. It has to do with setting boundaries,communication, self-worth, controlling, denial and many others things.Any person, who wants to change, can do it, even me. It doesnt matter how we learned to be codependents, who or what taught us those lessons; we are here on our way to learn and unlearn and be responsible for ourselves. We are part of the nature, and as nature changes in seasons, we can also do it.What about you?