CNC Card-free veneer peeling machine-

VENEER-PEELING-MACHINE-3.jpgWe see a lot of netizens on the internet in the question: there is a card veneer peeling machine why always jump knife, appear to jump knife is not going to change the knife? For this reason, we looked for a lot of information, today first to share veneer peeling machine There are two reasons to jump knife.


Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood, divided into a card veneer peeling machine and a card-free veneer peeling machine, and the emergence of a card veneer peeling machine not only High the quality and accuracy of the production of veneer, however, even the more efficient equipment will fail.

2.6 m card veneer peeling machine is one of the main instruments for making Plywood Making Machine materials, 2.6 meters of card veneer peeling machine is the use of rotary azimuth to spin the log section into a single board machine tool.
The knife holder is combined with the rotary knife fixed on it to move to the wood section, the wood section in the card shaft clamping and rotation movement and then spinning out the thickness of the veneer, in the spinning process to the veneer to apply a certain pressure, so that it does not produce cracks, in the knife bed equipped with a pressure ruler frame.
Because the required plate thickness varies, then veneer peeling machine manufacturers use 2.6 meters with a card veneer peeling machine how to determine the thickness of the plate?

For the plate manufacturers, veneer peeling machine they are more familiar with, their work is often with veneer peeling machine deal, at any time put wood into the veneer peeling machine, let it spin Out a thin, beautiful piece of skin.
Because of the importance of veneer peeling machine, people pay great attention to the quality of veneer peeling machine when they buy, but people ignore veneer peeling machine installation site.
People install veneer peeling machine is just casually looking for a flat place, installation on the use, there is no prior planning.
It is not known that the installation site has a great impact on the service life of veneer peeling machine, accelerates its damage speed, and brings difficulties to the maintenance of veneer peeling machine failure in the future, so the appropriate installation site is the correct use of veneer peeling Prerequisites for machine.


  The fourth combination is a double triangular pair top combination and a cylindrical guide rail combination (as shown in the figure).
The structure of the combination is characterized by:
  With good stiffness, can withstand all aspects of the force, wear can be a small amount of compensation, triangular combination can adjust the gap, triangle on the top guide rail and cylindrical guide rail centerline requirements are high.
Simple ordinary card-free shaft veneer peeling machine commonly used.


  The pressure ruler friction roller adjustment mechanism of the veneer peeling machine has manual adjustment and automatic adjustment mechanism, and the automatic adjustment mechanism automatically adjusts the seam gap between the ruler and the rotary cutter in the process of single plate rotary cutting, and decreases with the smaller diameter of the circular wood, So that the smooth and uniform of the single plate (high-quality wood can reach ±0.05mm), the finish is better than the ordinary card-free shaft veneer peeling machine rotary veneer, the remaining wood shaft will not appear square shaft, the spinning process will not appear the phenomenon of falling knives, jumping knives, The spinning veneer will not appear concave plate (also known as corrugated plate) and broken sheet defects.


  The third combination is a double (or three) cylindrical combination.
The structure of the combination is characterized by:
  Cylindrical surface is not only the guide surface but also the support surface, the structure is simple, easy to use quenching steel, extend the life of the guide rail, reduce friction; the rail is less rigid.
After wear is not easy to compensate, the adjustment device is complex, two cylinders of the axis parallelism requirements are high.
Ordinary simple core board without card axis veneer peeling machine Use this kind of guide rail more.


There are card veneer peeling machine There are common two reasons for jumping knives: veneer peeling machine knife height has not been adjusted; there is also a place where veneer peeling machine is placed with high and low ups and downs.
Look is a simple two small problems, in fact, is also the most easy to ignore, we are here to give you a wake-up call.

  The whole chassis of the card-free veneer peeling machine is made of steel welded structure, and the fixed seat of two driving double-flower rollers is welded into one structure through the support box and the chassis, and the rotary cutter bed is guided by the side guide rail and the bottom rail guide, and the back and forth movement in the horizontal direction is realized through the CAM curve plate ; The single roller fixing seat adopts the rigid square structure, in the upper part of the knife bed, plays the role of auxiliary support and pressure ruler roller, in the knife bed can be adjusted by adjusting the device to adjust the knife door clearance of the rotary knife and the pressure ruler friction roller (single flower roller), in