Climbing out of the hole

Got a call from my aunt's neighbor & friend, who has moved forward on getting the apartment cleaned out.  (The main reason she is involved is because she is there & has the keys.)
The books are being donated to an organization that fights illiteracy.  They are thrilled to have the books! 
She said she did some cleaning, will do most of the rest & that the superintendant of the building will do the final part, as he had offered.
I've got to figure out a way to pay her back (and she has been refusing to take any $, much to the dismay of her boyfriend, who is convinced that I'm trying to take advantage of her good nature--all I want to do is work with her).  I am open to suggestions!  (One idea was a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, but that would only cover some of the cost.  However, she mentioned that my aunt might have named her a beneficiary of her RSP, which she said she'd revert to me, so I could always refuse to take that.)
Also, last night I took her computers to be "cracked".  One has a password that needs to be decoded.  The other needs a power cord.  Only $40 to crack the code; power cord may be more.  One step closer to probate.
I guess it all was weighing on me.  I feel much better now.