Chronic pain disease and senate bills

I just want people to know what's going on in our country these days.  I have a lot more to say about this subject from personal experience with the disease of chronic pain and uneducated Government policing agencies (D.E.A.) attempting to educate doctors and C.P. patients about Science and Medicine.  With science and the medical community trying to play catch-up with-out enough funding for finding better cures for the disease itself, why are we so happy to run through bills like this one, which from my view only pretends to educate and really just funds more prisons.  I do not claim to know a lot about anything but my own experience.  My own experience is not pretty when I look at being under-medicated  and under-diagnosed  ( lack of medical insurance and available medical care for 20 years) which caused a disease to progress into a disabling situation and changing my life so radically my family and I barely withstood the pressures, which brought me to being unable to work for a living to survive on a disability check which my president has to veto another bill so that my roommate can continue to receive his pay check and I my disability check........... I feel like this is all such a farce and just little old me sees ways to really educate EVERYONE without spending that kind of money on prisons, and I see ways for docs and addicts to be stopped from breaking the laws without hurting the legitimate pain management clinics, legitimate chronic pain patients, and legitimate doctors from helping their patients have at least some quality of life with a disease that can be and has been terminal when left under-diagnosed and under-treated...............I need to take a break now as it hurts to sit here this long and type and stress adds to my pain level.  Here are 2 views ... you all can look at the available info and so called facts and compare them to your personal experiences and decide for yourselves.... if you can do all of that with the disease we have.  Sincerely and with-out malice,In Love Light Truth & Service,'Stubborn'                -or- or am I just being taken for another ride to build more prisons... who in the DEA is educated with medical degrees and chronic pain disease educated?  Who needs to be educated?  What can the little guy do who sits here with the disease of chronic pain???