Chronic Pain 12/24/2013

Sadly the pain is back. It's not terrible but I was hopeing and praying this morning that maybe, just maybe, this would be the day that it ends. Perhaps it will just slowly start to lessen over the next days and weeks. Perhaps I will suffer till the end. Know one knows. The doc keeps saying it will go away with time. I just crushes any positive feelings that I have when it acts up. It just makes me so sad and frustrated and disappointed.
I pray that I can just learn to live with it until it someday ends. If I could learn to just live with it then it wouldn't hold so much power over me but it's like a hot knife that I can't pull out. I don't want to take anything yet as I need it to sleep and I don't want to take too much.
I just don't know what to do. Perhaps I am just doomed to suffer for some unknow wrong that I committed in some other life. This is my life now. An hour or so of hope followed by chronic pain and sadness.
I pray to God that is not the case but this is my reality now...



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