Christmas Morning 8:55am-8:57pm

Well here it is Christmas morning and all is sleeping but me YEA! I already had to run out to my mother in laws as I forgot to buy rice for the stuffing lol Thank God she is only down the road! I have the turkey in since 6am and I just finished making the sausage stuffing. Yum!! I just now sat down to my FIRST cuppa coffee PHEW!! I had to look around my craftroom for my charger for my camera, its dead LOL I FOUND IT , wanted to snap a pic of my sons sleeping heehee, but couldnt RATS! *giggles* I am so glad this is a new day, as yesterday drained me big time and I am feeling it this is a nono to get stressed, made my fibro act up  and I didnt sleep good! I have a long day today, company be here between 1 & 1:30. Dinner is for 2. They all live 2 hours away cept for mom in law. So they come early and leave  early which is FINE with me, especiallly now as I didnt sleep! and I feel pretty crappy. BUT I will NOT let it ruin my day!! Well yesterday like I was saying drained me. I went to my parents and the aide has to leave indeffiantly as her hubby was in a car accident. She was soppose to leave tuesday but there was no replacement. I so feel for her as she is so nervous  bout her hubby. She lives in GA. The replacement was soppose to show up yesterday at 1:00 although when I left at 6pm there STILL was NO replacement! The aide that had to leave told us the one coming doesnt speak any english OMYWORD! So dad was in a fowl mood and mom said she isnt letting another person touch her! It was a day from HELL and I was in the middle of it all!!! So when I finally left I was a mess and I had to pull it together as I was going to pick up my son, Kris. Which I finally did as I had a 30 min ride which took 45 mins due to an accident. We had a lot of rain. So when I got my son we ventured to the mall which was CLOSED! and then we decided to forget it and come home ( 2 hour ride) I am glad he got to go shopping before I got him PHEW!! We stopped at a rest stop to grab a bite to eat, as I didnt eat since breakfast, NOT GOOD! I still dont have an appitate . Well we wanted pizza and it was closed, so we were gonna get hotdogs and they were just closing so we ended up with burger king. It turned out to be a nice ride, we talked, caught up about whats going on in his life, his grandparents and me & hubby. Boy was I tired by the time we got home! But I had so much on my mind ( I know I should have left it in God's hands) I couldnt sleep.8:57pmWOW 12 hours past and I am just getting to finish this blog LOL. I had to close this morning as my sons woke up & hubby so we opened gifts. Then I made breakfast and had to get back to cooking and setting up for the company. It turned out ot be a wonderful day, which I knew it would. I decided NOT to call my parents, my sister in law called and said they were going to stop in and bring them dinner. By the time my company left it was 7:30. SO I called my sis in law back and asked her if an adie ever came she said yes and my parents were in good spirits, they were able ot go by my aunt and uncles last night for Christmas eve. I was so glad! So we made plans fo rme to come to there house on Saturday, as I am taking my oldest son, Joe home. It was kinda weird having hubby's family here and not mine. It was nice though, we laughed alot, and mom in law was a huge help in the kitchen helping me clean up. I love the fact i have a dish washer! I never had one, so we stuck alot of the dishes in there, I will run that in the morning as I have to move it over ot the sink to use. So now I am sitting here everything is pretty much put away, will finish the rest in the morning.SO I Pray you all had a wonderful low pain day! Sober & Healthy! I will post pics tomorrow.God BlessPeace*Joy*Love Donna