Christmas is here

It's good to be here.
Brought my BF to my volunteer work where I usually check email, and that didn't last long - I let him know I may send him on his way earlier rather than later, and I did!
He came to family dinner.  Small dinner this year.  Cousin had a relapse in his alcoholism, really scary, so he didn't make it.  Sis had time with her new bf's family and kids, so we visited them today. Aunt was able to come to town.  Sis got me a "Sisters forever" Ring which is precious.  Don't want to take it off.  means a lot.  Enjoy gift giving.
Turning 40 Wed.  Like thought of more presents - used to that after the "After-Chrismas "Let Down"".  yeah, the gifts from BF, I judge, I complain internally, I'm ungrateful.  Dad and mom love him, I just anyway... you know the story.  Seem to be dreaming of different men.  And seeing a movie with an actor I like, I really enjoyed that.  It's important To Thine Own Self Be True.
Playing Christmas Music.  Merry Christmas.