Christmas Holiday

Well, Christmas went well for the most part. I wouldn't say any part was a "disaster". Both my son (despite his horrifying nastiness on Christmas Eve day) and my mom (despite her efforts to "bait" me into a pity-party) were well-behaved at my sister's house. In fact, I even got a nostalgic smile out of Mom as I recalled a genealogical finding relating to her. For me, that's major!
Of course, there's always someone, and that someone was my sister. I won't go into all the details, since I already did that in my hardcopy journal. And suffice it to say, the torture didn't last too long or was extended (perhaps my use of my son's "whatever" tool helped??). But I wasn't there a half an hour before I was insulted by her (saying my clothes "looked like a garage sale clean-out") & her husband (who is usually nice, so not sure why he is jumping on the bandwagon). I did say that no one ever said we had to dress up (no one ever did; if so, I would have had no problem complying). So when she started, I "whatevered". (OK, I did get into details, but not my personal ranting in my other journal!)
The good thing is that I've realized that the bottom line is: her problem is how she feels I'm dressing & that is not MY problem. She needs to solve HER problem. (Some new clothes would be nice! :-) ) My problem is dealing with someone who always seems to want to insult me when she has an audience (remember--this is not the first time).
Along those lines, I'm continuing to read Leslie Vernick's "The Emotionally Destructive Relationship". I'll write more about its specifics later, but the basic jist of it is in the word "relationship" and how we do our parts in our relationships. I like it so far because it's not taking a one-sided position & deals with us in our brokenness as we deal with others in their brokenness.