Christmas Day

Today and yesterday were pretty good days.  My best friend came over to me and my moms apartment with her husband and her two kids waited for my boyfriend who was 30 minutes late.  I think there is one of those in every situation lol.  When he got here we exchange gifts with each other.  I got my best friend a glass fairy and I got one of her daughters a doll house and the other daughter a rideable tigger.  I got her husband a 20 dollar gift card to Wal-Mart.  My boyfriend got one of her daughters the new tangled doll set it came with two dolls and a horse she was all soo excited.  and the youngest daughter got an alphabet train type thing.  The younger daughter is almost 13 months her oldest is 6.  My boyfriend got me a 64gb I pod I touch a movie and a ruby ring.  We then went to my other best friends house who has three boys and one got a nerf gun the other two got cars I got a koala bear lamp and a koala bear snowglobe.  Then going into the night me and mom exchange gifts we sleep during the day and up all night so we exchange gifts at like 2:00am.  she got me 280 dollars in differnt gift cards.  foot massager a disc holder some earrings a koala statue. The complete box set of that 70's show.  Everyone went all out on me and all the income I have is disability I couldn't get much for people but I did what I could.  Got my mom a kitchen mixer and a necklace and some prep bowls an eeyore watch a movie a gift card to khoals I started shopping pretty early.  But the best part was just spending time with each other that was the nice thing and my pain level hasn't been to bad i had to take pain pills a few times but it was pretty tolarable.  Me and my boyfriend went to the park and looked at the christmas lights thats where I got the ruby ring and he pulled the mistletoe thing on me so it was sweet.  We are doing christmas dinner tomorrow because mom has to work tonight but it was fun watching movies and just sitting around talking.