CHRISTMAS AT GRANDMA'S! :) Christmas Party! :) Lunch! :) Sweet Memories :)

CHRISTMAS AT GRANDMA'S! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES, FROM MY GRANDMA :) awww! :) We enjoyed a wonderful time today, visiting with my Grandma, for our annual Christmas at Grandma's Christmas party! :) This was so very special! :) We brought my grandma, some wonderful Christmas gifts, Pointsetta Flowers :) We got to see Grandma's Christmas Tree!!! and Put presents under her tree for her :) awww! :) my grandma has some special gifts for us too! :) i shared your wonderful Merry Christmas wishes with my grandma, and gave her a nice hug for everyone :) awww! :) We love, and cherish these very special times, and all of the great memories being made :) my grandma made homemade macaroni salad, deviled eggs, deviled ham, we also had cheese, crackers, pickles, and snacks! :) it was delicious! :) a wonderful Lunch! :) There were lots of us there :) it was very special times, my grandma is very excited, for christmas! :) We had some nice chocolate chip cookies for dessert :) it was so nice today, visiting with grandma, for our wonderful tradition, of having a christmas party at her house each Christmas season :) Kayla, Taylynn, and Mikey made very special Christmas cards for grandma :) i took some nice pictures of my grandma's christmas tree, and her table, to share with everyone :) Christmas time is here :) We're enjoying this wonderful day, and looking forward, to CHRISTMAS WEEK!!! :) many more celebrations, Christmas joys, and lots more great memories to be made :) Season's greetings, and Happy holiday wishes, from our home to yours :)
OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS, TO GRANDMA'S HOUSE WE GO!!! :) awww! :) a wonderful time, shared with our dear and lovely Grandma, our annual Christmas party at her house! :) my grandma has a very special message for everyone:) She sends a hug, and says, Merry Christmas to all" :) awww! :) my grandma is very happy, and excited! :) Today, we enjoyed a very special time, having a christmas party at grandma's house :) it's one of our favorite traditions of the year, that warms our hearts, in many wonderful ways :) a tradition, that i can remember, for as long as i can remember, is the special times we get to share, with Grandma at Christmas time :) We look forward to this very special tradition each year :) throughout the year, especially as the holiday season approaches, we begin to talk about, and look forward too, Christmas at Grandma's! :) it's very special to my family and i, getting to celebrate these very special times with you all :) You all are with us in spirit, and we're with you all in spiri too :)
We've been gearing up, for our visit with Grandma :) This morning, we began to get everything ready :) my mom's been wrapping Christmas presents, Kayla, Taylynn, and little Mikey have been making cards for Grandma, and i also put together a nice Christmas gift bag for grandma :) We were all very excited :) my sister Jenn, Mike, and Mikey planned to meet us at grandma's today :) this very special day, each holiday season, brings back lots of special memories for us all :) i remember when i was a little kid, and we'd go to grandma's each year, for Christmas time :) We usually went on Christmas Eve, i always remember, lots of people gathering, foods, snacks, drinks, and on the way home, i remember being so excited, about Santa Claus coming to visit, i use to look up at the sky to see if i could spot santa! hehe! :) i was a little kid, and i remember it being such a special time :) it was always so cool, and a wonderful time, and over the years, this very special tradition of the season, we get very excited about :)
Around mid-day today, we were all set, and ready to saddle up our sleigh, and go over the river and through the woods, to Grandma's house we go!!! :) We began our super fun adventure! :) i brought a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows with me :) We were enjoying a nice car ride to grandma's :) We took the nice back roads route :) it was very nice :) we get to see lots of nice scenery :) We arrived at my grandma's house, about the same time as my sister Jenn, Mike, and Mikey did :) i was thinking of you all, and so excited, to get to share all about our visit with grandma :) my grandma was so happy to greet us, with a Christmas smile, and a nice hug, and a kiss on our cheeks! :) awww! :) this was awesome! :) We all gathered in Grandma's living room, we had lots of nice presents for Grandma :) We said, "Merry Christmas!" :) i shared your lovely Merry Christmas wishes with my grandma :) She thanks everyone, and says, Merry Christmas to all :) awww! :) She's very nice, and sweet :)
We saw my grandma's beautiful fiber optic Christmas tree :) she had it lit, and candy canes on her tree :) we put presents underneathe my grandma's Christmas tree :) She was so happy, and smiling :) She has presents for us too! :) WOW! :) She had all of the presents on her couch, for us to bring home later on : )Awww! :)This is awesome! :) The kids were all so excited! :) Kayla wore 3 bows (Red and Green bows) in her hair today :) Christmas Spirit! :) we began to gather in Grandma's kitchen :) She had her table all set up, and ready for a wonderful lunch, and snacks :) WOW! :) this was so nice! :)
my grandma made her famous, MACARONI SALAD! :) YUM!!! :) She also had, cheese, crackers, deviled ham, deviled eggs, pickles and she had a nice bowl of chex mix snacks for us :) Aww! :) This is very wonderful of her :) We were all enjoying a nice visit :) Kayla, Taylynn, and Mikey gave grandma some nice Christmas cards they made for her :) awww! :) She was very happy to recieve the cards, and also some nice chocolate chip cookies that Jenn and Mikey made for her :) We were all gathered around, and enjoying the nice foods, snacks, and drinks :) my grandma told Taylynn and Mikey, that SANTA CLAUS visited her, and left some presents with her, for them! :) awww! :) their eyes lit up with Excitement! :) This was very special :)
The foods were so nice, delicious! :) We thanked my grandma, for the nice lunch :) we were all hanging out, we had some chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and my mom and grandma organized all of the presents :) We were enjoying such a wonderful visit :) my uncle Jack was there, and said Merry Christmas to us all, and we wished him a Merry Christmas :) he was watching some football :) my uncles Mike and Jack love football :) we were talking about Christmas :) my grandma mentioned, that she's doing great, and has finished all of her christmas shopping :) She loves to go out to shop :) we got some really nice gifts for her to open on Christmas, and gifts for my uncles too :) my grandma's gonna be so excited, we got some new movies for her to enjoy :) We visited for a while, and then got ready to make our journey home :)
We gave my grandma a hug, and wished her a nice Christmas, and a happy new year :) We told her, we'll be visitign again, very soon :) We put our presents into our minivan, and we waved to my grandma :) it was such a wonderful time we had visiting with her, and many very special memories being made :) on the way home, we stopped by the supercenter, my mom and niece Alyssa went in to pick up a gift, and we then made our way home :) it was so sweet today, visiting with my grandma :) She's very excited, for us to open our Christmas gifts, and we're very excited for her and our uncles to open their gifts :) i took some pictures at Grandma's house today, to share with everyone :) When we arrived home this afternoon, we put some football games on :) Patriots vs Ravens game just began a little while ago :) it's a really sweet sunday :) my family and i would love to take this time, to share with everyone, about some very special, and lovely Christmas gifts, and treasures we recieved :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES, SENT WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE, AND CHRISTMAS SMILES, FROM AUSTRALIA! :) Awww! :) my lovely DS Christmas tree, has new ornaments!!! :) awww! :) i am smiling and smiling! :) this is wonderfully heart warming, and touches our hearts, in many very special ways :) We recieved beautiful and lovely Merry Christmas gifts, and treasures, from our dear, and lovely friends Emma (ZenEm), and her family :) my family and i love, and enjoy your very special friendships, and the wonderful joys we get to share, all throughout the seasons, and the holidays :) it's Christmas time, and the loving thoughts, of heart warming moments of the season, shared with famly and friends, is a great blessing, that makes the season magical, and memorable :) We think of you and your family's often, and enjoy celebrating special times with you all, across the miles, sharing many smiles, with eachother in spirit, and always very close within our hearts :)
Emma (ZenEm), and her family sent us, a lovely Merry Christmas card :) on the front of the card, there's a beautiful Christmas tree, with a bright shining silver star :) inside the card, Emma wrote us a lovely note, wishing my family and i a Merry Christmas :) awww! :) this is so nice, and sweet :) i'm going to put our card, here in my Christmas town, and on Christmas Eve, my family and i will be displaying all of our lovely Christmas cards, on our living room wall :) a wonderful tradition we enjoy very much :) Emma, and her family also sent us, a beautiful collection, of Christmas ornaments :) i am smiling lots!!! :) i love ornaments, and so excited, to put the ornaments on my DS Christmas tree :) it's so exciting, it's my DS Christmas tree, with ornaments from our dear friends, from all around the world :) There's a lovely Christmas tree ornament, a stocking ornament, ribbon candy ornament, snowman ornament, candy cane ornament, and a peppermint candy ornament :) i'm going to enjoy a very special time, putting our ornaments on my DS Christmas tree :) they will always be a very special part of our Christmas decorations each year :) my family and i love these very special gifts, and will always love, cherish, and treasure them :) Emma, family, my family and i thank you all so very much, for these lovely gifts, and treasures :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts :) We're very happy, and delighted :) Sending lots of love, and Merry Christmas wishes, and smiles across the miles, from our home to yours :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES, SENT WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE, AND CHRISTMAS CAROLS SMILES! :) awww! :) WOW! :) This is so very sweet, neat, and a wonderful surprise! :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i recieved a surprise christmas package in the mail! :) we're so excited, and shared lots and lots of smiles, as we gathered around to open our Christmas package :) We recieved wonderfully heart warming, very special, and lovely gifts and treasures, from our dear, and lovely friends, Judy (Ladybug7), her husband Denny, their cat Dylan, and their family :) awww! :) This is super mega sweet awesome!!! :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i opened up the surprise treasures package, there were 3 gifts inside :) on the gift tags, it had our names, and said, Merry Christmas, from Judy and Denny :) awww! :) i am smiling lots! :) it's so very nice, sweet, and heart-felt, these moments of the season, that create many beautiful memories, for our hearts to always cherish, and treasure :) You all are wonderful friends :) We're so very happy, thankful, and blessed, to have you all in our lives, and to be able to celebrate the holidays with you all :) We're having a wonderful time, celebrating the holidays with you and your family's :) We're so happy. and delighted to share with you all, about these very special, and lovely gifts, and treasures Judy and Denny sent us :)
Judy (Ladybugbug7), Denny, Dylan, and their family sent Kayla, Taylynn, and i, lovely treasures :) awww! :) Kayla recieved a wonderful penguins themed arts and crafts sewing kit :) Taylynn recieved, some awesome disney princesses themed markers, and i recieved, the Muppets Christmas Carol dvd! :) awww! :) This is so nice, and awesome! :) we were showing everyone our gifts :) Kayla and Taylynn said, "thanks Judy and Denny!" :) awww! :) i took their pictures, as they held their gifts :) this is so cool! :) i remember earlier this year, Judy and i were talking about dvds, and which movies and dvds we wished we had in our collection, and i remember mentioning to Judy, about how i love the Muppets, and always wished i had the muppets Christmas carol :) When i opened this lovely gift, it touched my heart, in many wonderful ways :) i grew up, watching the muppets, and love them still, miss piggy and kermit, always my favorite muppets :) This brings back lots of very special memories for me :)
Kayla and Taylynn opened their gifts, and Kayla began to sew the penguins decorative, she was sewing all the way past 9pm the other night! :) She loves it! and Taylynn loves her markers! :) She loves to color pictures :) i love my Muppets christmas carol dvd, and going to watch the movie on monday night :) it'll be so very special each year, watching the movie :) We're so very happy, and delighted :) Kayla's mom (my sister Lisa), Alyssa (Taylynn's mom), and my mom says, "Thanks!" :) awww! :) we are so thrilled! :) We love our very special gifts, and treasures, and will always love, cherish, and treasure them :) Judy, Denny, Dylan, and family, my family and i thank you all so very much, for these beautifully heart warming, very special, and lovely Christmas gifts, and treasures :) We deeply appreciate your kindness, and generousity, with all of our hearts :) Sending lots and lots of love, and Merry Christmas wishes, and smiles, across the miles, from our home to yours :)
We're enjoying a wonderfully heart warming day :) Many very special memories being made, to always cherish, and treasure :) my family and i are having lots of fun, and a wonderful time, celebrating the holidays with you and your family's :) Thank you, for all that you do for us :) We're enjoying a nice time opening our Christmas mail :) in my journal tomorrow, i'm going to share about some more lovely gifts, and treasures we recieved :) We're very happy and delighted :) christmas week is arriving!!! :) HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS! HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS!! :) Whoooooo!!!! :) my family and i are so happy, and thrilled about the upcoming week :) lots of Christmas preparations :) tomorrow, i'm going to put together christmas gift bags for everyone :) We're also going to be buying some nice christmas goodies, treats, snacks, and drinks, for our Christmas Eve party on tuesday :) Christmas is on wednesday :)
The upcoming week, is gonna be amazing, festive, and beautiful, sharing many very special times, with family and friends :) We're with eachother in spirit :) There's lots of wonderful joys to look forward too :) i'll be taking lots and lots of picturs, to share with everyone :) Life is very special, and beautiful :) Each day, is a very special gift, treasure, and blessing :) my family and i want to take this time, to thank you a ll so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all bring great joy, happiness, peace, and excitement to our days, and our lives :) We deeply appreciate your wonderful kindness, and generousity, with all of our hearts :) BIG GROUP COZY WARM CHRISTMAS HUGS :) tonight, i'm going to enjoy some snacks, and watching football :) my family and i hope everyone continues to enjoy the wonderful joys, of Christmas decorating, preparations for the holiday, enjoying Christmas movies, and lots more :) We think of you all often, and we love you all very much :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, today, we enjoyed a wonderful time visiting with Grandma, for our annual Christmas visit at her home :) it was very nice, and special :) We love these special tmes ofo the season, and the wholesome memories being made :) thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone had a good weekend" :) awww! :) We love you all very much, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a beautiful day :) We send our love, and our warmest friendship hugs, from our home to yours :) Merry Christmas wishes, across the miles, sent with our love, and smiles :)
CHRISTMAS AT GRANDMA'S! :) awww! :) This is so very wonderfully nice, and sweet :) We had a wonderful time today, having a nice Christmas party at my grandma's house :) my grandma wishes everyone a Merry Christmas :) We had such a nice time, my grandma greeted us all with a nice smile, hug, and a kiss on our cheeks! :)awww! :) We got to see my grandma's Christmas tree, and we put presents under her tree :) my grandma prepared a delicious meal for us, including her famous, macaroni salad, we also had snacks, drinks :) it was a wonderful time :) we love, cherish, and treasure, these very special memories being made :) it's a great tradition we look forward too, Christmas at Grandma's :) Merry Christmas Grandma! :) We love you! :)
Grandma's Christmas Tree! :) my grandma loves showing us, her beautiful Christmas tree :) She has a fiber optic tree, and put candy canes on the tree :) it's so nice, and very special :)
We put presents under Grandma's Christmas tree :) She's so excited! :) We look forward to my grandma and uncles opening their Christmas gifts :)
Grandma has presents for us! :) awww! :) i took a picture of the presents my grandma and uncle got for us :) We brought the gifts home to put them under our Christmas tree :)
my Grandma's table! :) my grandma has a lovely table, that she loves to decorate for the seasons, and holidays :) it's so nice :) we love to see her wonderful decorations :)
my grandma's snowman wreathe! :) awww! :)my grandma has this very nice, and sweet, snowman Christmas wreathe on her front door :) We love seeing it! :)

Grandma's Christmas Star, and Fiber Optic Lights :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES, SENT WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE, FROM AUSTRALIA AND VIRGINIA! :) awww! :) This is so very beautifully heart warming, very special, and lovely :) my family and i are so very happy, and excited! :) We love our very special Christmas gifts, and treasures, and will always love, and cherish them :) We enjoy these very special moments, opening our gifts :) Each one, is very special, unique, and packed with your wonderful love, and spirits :) We're so very blessed, and thankful to have you all in our lives :) my family and i are having a wonderful time, opening up our Christmas gifts, and treasures, and celebrating the season with you and your family's :) many very special emories being made, to always cherish, and treasure :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts :)
Thank you so very much, Emma (ZenEm), Misty, and family! :)
Thank you so very much, Judy (Ladybug7), Denny, Dylan, and family! :)
i'm going to put our lovely Christmas ornaments, from Emma, Misty, and their family, on my DS Christmas tree :) they will always be a very special part of our Christmas season traditions, and decorations each year :)

Muppets Christmas Carol, from Judy, Denny, Dylan, and their family :) i'm so happy! :) i love the muppets, and gonna watch the muppets Christmas carol monday night :) i'll look forward to watching this very special movie, each year, during the holidays :) a new wonderful tradition :)
Kayla and Taylynn love their wonderful Christmas gifts, from Judy, Denny, Dylan, and their family :) they recieved a lovely penguins sewing kit, and princess Markers :) they say, "Thanks!" :) awww! :) they love arts and crafts :) Sharing lots and lots of Christmas smiles :)



Lots of Christmas Joy with FAMILY!!! It does not get better than that!!! Sounds like another lovely day of HOLIDAY CHEER!!! Glad you had such a nice visit with Grandma and received gifts and cards today Chris! !!

My buzy day included writing cards and enjoying a quiet day on the farm... I\'ve got one pup on the run so I have to find her before it\'s completely dark!!!

Love to you all and I\'ll catch up more tomorrow Chris... Have a GREAT HOLIDAY EVENING!! xoxoxo Cj

Hi Chris My Company will visit tomorrow afternoon. So glad you had a wonderful time at your grandma\'s I will talk to you in the morning.Thanks for all my nice hugs today, Enjoy your night. Hugs to all-Stephanie

Hi Chris,
Counting down the days \'til Christmas.
Don and I went for an afternoon walk and saw many more lights.
I baked cookies this afternoon also for the cookie party tomorrow.
Glad you had a good time at your grandma\'s house.
Sending loving thoughts and wishes to you and your family.

Dear Chris, I am happy you had such a wonderful day visiting your
grandma/! :-) love your new treasures :-) And Your pictures are very beautiful...:-)~It\'s raining here,... I been resting for most of the day.
Thinking of you and your family, sending best wishes your way! :-)

Love and Hugs,Maria

What a fun day! Thx for sharing your special day with fiber optic mom has one and it\'s great. Hugs for Xmas week! Sylvia

Hi Chris,
It is so nice you got to see your Grandmom for Christmas. Good food and family is the best way to spend the holiday season. I am happy your family had such a nice time. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Hello Chris....Your time with your Grandma sounded really nice. Loved her tree and Snowman Wreath! Very pretty cards and gifts from your friends too.
Hot chocolate with marshmellows sounds lovely too.. Didn\'t catch any games today (NFL) Had a lot of stuffs to do today. About six crows came by today wanting some peanuts. They sit on the telephone line in front of our house. So they got their treats today. Long day and I am tired so Have a wonderful evening and get a good nights sleeps. Love/Blessings/Greenies

What an awesome time with Grandma and the family :)) such a lovely tradition and lovely memories to treasure always :)
I\'m so glad you liked the christmas treasures we sent, I\'m glad they didn\'t break, being glass and travelling thousands of miles!
Oh my, it\'s so warm here today, I envy you your snowy Christmas season! It always amazes me how one minute you\'re sharing pictures of the sunflowers and pumpkins, and then suddenly they\'re all gone and the whole backyard is covered in icing! lol
I\'m trying to get some cleaning done today in this heat, getting ready for Christmas day with the family coming over.
Sending love and hugs across the miles xxoo

A wonderful time of shared love. :-)