OK Yes it has been forever but i have to put my password in everytime i come here, which i dont like cuz it wont save but o well. This is about xmas time I just got my first chrismas tree since living alone, I didnt have one last year. And this is my 1st tree with my girlfriend of one year that we got sunday. Setting it up was a challenge as we couldnt get it up straight. So after hours of tryin I finally just got a little, or very frustrated, and left it up. Its kinda striaght now but it is a great feeling having my very first xmas tree as I guess an adult I dunno. But tonight after work and walking into my house I got the best feeling. That feeling was smellin the pine of the tree and it brought me back to my childhood and several good memories. But I guesss Im sayin tht I love having my tree/ and this time of the year I guess.