Chlaymidia Can Be Killed In A New Optional Way

There is a case in here, a woman goes to have a new coil fitted and tested positive for Chlamydia, but she have only had sex with her husband for the last 20 years. Her husband also says he's not had sex with anybody else for the last 20 years. However they should both have a proof of cure test to be safe. Is this possible - can it stay dormant for this long? Also, if a person (male or female) has chlamydia that is dormant, is it possible for them to have regular intercourse with a partner, and not transmit it to them while it is dormant? Now the patients are willing to take herbal medicine treatment. For a couple, what they really need is no Chlamydia.


If a woman who diagnosed with Chlamydia, there is common procedure, and she  takes the Azithromycin that she is given, and go back for another check a couple of weeks later, because she may still getting symptoms. The second set of swabs showed that she still had Chlamydia, and is this time given a 7 day course of Doxycycline to take. About 2 weeks after this, she is hospitalised for severe abdominal pain, leaving her curled up in a ball on the ground wailing. More swabsare taken, and the cause of the pain is Chlamydia (attacking fallopian tubes), which has not been cured by the Azithromycin or the Doxycycline. The Doctor at A&E gave her Metronidazole (14 Days), Doxycycline (10 Days) and Amoxicillin (14 Days). She finishes this course of antibiotics about a week and a half ago, and goes in for her final set of swabs today. Results will be available early next week. Although she has been given pretty hardcore antibiotics, she is not entirely sure that they have worked, and she thinks she might still be Chlamydia positive. Does the Chlamydia have been drug resistant? And if so, how should the Chlamydia treated?


Recently, what patients focus on is that it is possible for antibiotics to fail to remove Chlamydia, but transmission rates are very high for Chlamydia. It is more hopeful for herbal medicine treatment to clear Chlamydia, but not send it into a dormant state for 2 to 3 years. Fuyan pill is one of herbal medicines, which has great popularity among the female patients. The patients can kill Chlamydia, no dormancy. While Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is another herbal medicine with significant effect on male chlamydia.

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