Chemo Day 1 - First Treatment

I had my first chemo treatment today and it was less scary than I thought it would be. They were able to hook up to my port (installed fresh on Monday) without a problem. While I was getting the oxaliplatin with leucovorin (for 1.5 hours) I did feel coldness in my feet and random feelings of phantom wet spots. No nausea and my energy is pretty good. My wife Florine brought us lunch and I was able to eat with a healthy appetite.  The nurses say in two weeks I’ll feel like a truck hit me – we’ll see. I’m wearing the pump. It’s heavier than it looks, probably a little over a pound with medicine (5-FU slow drip for 46 hours). I wear it over my shoulder or like a fanny pack. I’ll get it disconnected on Friday. I didn’t say in my last email, but my treatment is for 6 months – that’s a total of 12 treatments. 1 down 11 to go!  I occupied myself starting reading ‘Health and Healing: The Philosophy of Integrative Medicine’ – so far about the history of homeopathy – pretty interesting. The majority of folks getting treatment at the same time were older. Two guys across from me were having a good time talking about time in Korea and then on and on about food – they were making me hungry. I asked the guy next to me (he’s around my age) if he is working while getting treatment. He said he wants to but it would be hard, so he is on disability. (Not sure of the cancer he has.) He said the best thing that helps him is getting plenty of sleep. He said, “this stuff sucks – but you’ll get thought it”.