checking on the boy.

the end of the path...i can see the large rocks as soon as i get to the clearing of the brush.  As usual my little boy is sitting with knees to his chest...arms wrapped around his legs....This time the adult me is already talking with him. I can see that the adult is happy that the boy has listened and behaved the way good boys should. The boy likes when he gets compliments and he likes when he gets nurtured and hugged. The more the boy trusts the adult...the more the adult can do for him.
    The adult explains that good things are going to happen...that he is determined to NEVER have us be in the bad spot we were in again.  That he is sorry. He asks the boy for forgivness. He promises that he will never forget the pain the boy was in...and he will never forget any of the things the boy says that he needs and wants.
     He asks the boy if he has any concerns as of late.
      The boy says hes afraid of the shame and embarrassment of having no money...and feeling like we cant take care of ourself. Hes afraid Franny will think that we are not worthy. Hes afraid that we will go back to where we were 3 months ago. He hates the feeling of lonliness...and he hates feeling like everyone thinks he is handicapped or that he needs to be watched.
       The adult stands up....turns around...looks up into the sky...and delares to god that he promises with all hes got that he will NEVER allow that to happen again.  He promises that on the days that are grueling and tiring from working hard and long..he will remind himself of his promise..and that he will fulfill his word. He also promises to be attentive to when the boy is asking  for things.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          He tells the boy that hes proud of him for being honest and clear. he tells the boy to keep feeling and keep expressing.  He tells the boy that all he has to do is speak up and his concerns will be heard.
      The boy smiles...hugs the adult and then skips away.
      The adult calmly turns and walks with his head up...posture straight..and with an expression of determination.



That was beautiful. Maybe you could turn it into a new song!