Chain Wars

Kit and I are having good times and bad times as, I guess, should be expected when getting used to each other.  We are going through the chain wars.  I used a choke chain with Foxy when going to and from the back yard since she could slip out of her collar.  So, with Kit, I got a harness, thinking that would be all that was needed.  He proved me wrong when the easily slipped out of it and took off.  The chain is being used again.  But, Kit hates it and its quite a hassle to put it on him.  Its bad enough inside the house, but outside is almost impossible.  Outside, I reach over the gate and he's supposed to raise up so I can reach him.  He does, but moves so much that its hard to get the loop around his neck.  Sometimes, I'll go inside the gate, but he runs around a lot.  It came to a head this morning when I came inside the gate.  He was too close and made a mad dash passed me.  I grabbed at him and grabbed a handfull and pulled him back inside the yard.  He screamed bloody murder as if I was trying to kill him.  I had grabbed his tail!  Well, I got the loop around him and we got back in the house.  He was hurt, feelings mostly, and was very standoffish for a good while, as was I.  When I signaled for him to come over to the recliner, he slowly got in my lap.  After a few minutes of trying to find a good spot, he ended up laying on my right chest with his nose under my chin.  We spent a good amount with him sleeping in various places on me.  Although I might have hurt him, he still trusts me and I guess loves me.  It will take some time to trust him on his trips outside, but, I'll never stop loving him.



Yep, love IS the GREATEST indeed and the two of you have it.

:-) Patricia