I definately feel a change in thought and additude. What I want and what I need to do has become more clear.I do not want to nor do I feel that I am living in someday.I know that there have been a few times in my life where I have had this kind of clarity and if I follow it ,I have lasting changes in my life. I have also had times that I have closed my eyes to this sort of clarity and go back to my routine. I do not want that.     Years ago I could not imagine nor would I want the simple life that I have. I lived in the fast lane in a major city and the things that were important to me were clothes, how I looked , how hard I worked out and how big and cut my body was, and who I hung out with. Now my simple house and my dog, yes a relationship but I look for much different things now in a relationship. I want children and I know I would be a good father , nurturing , loving ang supportive. The things I thought were so important before are not fulfilling in the same way and not as deep and lasting.I want the real thing. Family