Celebrity Obsession

The title sort of says it all.  I have a crush on/obsession with a certain celebrity (who will remain nameless).  
Obsessions for me are quite normal and frequent, but they usually rotate and change after about 2 months or so, but this one has now lasted about 6 months, and doesn't seem like it is decreasing or going away.  
I just think she is so pretty.  I have honestly never seen someone so beautiful.  I daydream a lot about her and her characters (even though she is 28 years older than me).  I would love to meet her, and wish that she would like me, though i know that will never happen, of course.  and to be honest, that makes me feel extremely depressed.  It all seems so ridiculous and pathetic.
i do not have the delusion that i have a relationship with her though, like has happened with some fans of celebrities.  and there is no danger of me acting on it in any way.  It just really hurts i guess to know that she will never know me, and that even if she did, she would never, ever like me because i am so ugly, fat, and horrible.  no one could ever love me, i know.
And with all of this, the obsession (and confidence issues), i'm not sure i can have a relationship with anyone, but i know that i need someone to love so much.  One day i really do want that.  But with my obsession with this woman, i don't know that anyone else could ever measure up.  Agh, i just wish i could turn it off, but i really don't know how.