Catching up

Since I was last here my Mom fell and broke her left hip (her right hip was broken 2 years ago) . My Dad ,of course called me instead of calling 911 . I get over there after driving like Mario Andretti to get there from across town . And she is sitting up in a chair and rubbing her hip and is unresponcive to any questions . So I call 911 and they send the ambulance . In the ER from 7 pm until 2 am and they tell us that she did break her hip and they will have to do a hip replacement surgery . Because of her alzheimers being worse it took longer for her to start PT and get out of the hospital . After talking and pleading with Dad to put her in a rehab at the retirement ranch he refused and took her home , saying that the doc said that she would be better off there with him instead of rehab . To that both me and my brother and our wives said BS . Sorry about the language . Well after two weeks of him calling me every time Mom had an accident in the bed or wherever my brother and I get together and discuss calling Human Services to ask them about what we can do to get Mom into rehab instead of being at home . After some discission I told my brother that as long as Dad has Mom`sĀ  medical power of attorney I didn`t think that we as family could do anything (because of our dealing with Brenda`s Dad I knew this was what they had told us). Here I am trying to help out any way I can and it is really killing my back trying to lift or just hold Mom or get her into a wheel chair . My brother finally steps in and tells Dad to stop calling me if he needs help because it is tearing my back up doing this and I was really not supposed to be doing anything like that and he knows it . But then one of the nurses that came out to the house to help with Mom calls her supervisor and reports that the house is not safe for eitherĀ  Mom or Dad (Dad is a hoarder,dosen`t throw away anything except trash that will stink). So there is not much room to get around the house in and stacks of books and magazines every where , he even has old news papers folded in boxes (fire hazard). The nurse supervisor was going to come out and inspect the house , when Dad finally gave in and said that she could go to the rehab . I guess he finally decided that he wasn`t able to care for her the way she needs and he didn`t want anyone to see how bad that the place has gotten ( I had ask him a few years back to take the money that he was putting into a trust fund for our inheirtance and get some work done and I would even help with cleaning up some of the mess that he had let pile up,he didn`t understand or care what I was talking about . I know that some of the stuff is antiques and collectables but most of it is just junk . I mean he will pile boards up in the yard and say some day he will use them for something but he won`t cover them up and then they rot and you can`t use them for anything. Back to Mom , her alzheimers has gotten to the point that most of the time she dosen`t know where she is or what is going on around her . Her answer to most questions is I Don`t Know , if she can even speak at the time you ask her . She has been in the rehab for 3 weeks going on 4. She has lost the ability to feed herself most of the time . She has also become incontient and has accidents . She got up out of her bed last week and almost fell once and the were going to get her an alarm for her bed but she got out of bed and fell and hit her head before they did it . She had to be taken to Lubbock,Tx to a brain trama hospital and then brought back . She know has a nasty looking cut with staples and a bruse over half of her face . The doc in Lubbock said that she has a subdural hematoma but that the bleeding stopped . He also said that because of the alzheimers she had plenty of room to bleed , they though that they might have to drill a hole to relieve the pressure . I guess alzheimers is good for something ??? Guess I had better go for now and see how Brenda is doing , she stayed home today because she slipped and fell on the snow and ice last night and landed square on both knees . When it rains it pours !!!!!!!!