catching up some more

earlier I wrote: Things to get cracking on: * classroom organization, curriculum points * consistent diet, lower carb (not to be confused with LOW carb) * massage internship hours, find placements * retirement info - recontact retirement board * rethink fitness goals for academic year (bike to work one day per week?)  * finish neurology course, gather notes for paper * return library books (overdue)  AM weight: 169.  Target: 150.  Target date: Dec. 15. ------------------------------ So, where are we here... Rome wasn't organized in a day, the major mountains on my classroom desk are only big hills now.   First chorus rehearsal tomorrow, wish me luck.  Need to get there early to place furniture. AM weight, exactly the same as two weeks ago.  Sigh.  Need to be more consistent with food choices, need to prepare more meals in advance, need some variety to those prepared meals because SOME of the issue with the consistency is a little bit of rebellion at the sameness of the food.  Even though eating it makes me feel good. Chose NOT to participate in an internship opportunity because after a tutorial it become clear that I'm not ready for it yet (pre- and post- massage at a running event).  DID sign up for some sports massage opportunities with my instructor. Haven't called retirement board, need to do that. Completed study guide on autonomic nervous system chapter, need to arrange to take test.======== Thoughts about paper:  dunno if this is what I want to write about, but...  I wonder to what extent a condition like autism is expressed the way it is because the autonomic nervous system is also affected.  I'm thinking about my sister's response to stress.  She quickly escalates to distress when there are too many unkowns (or not-understoods) in a situation or when she feels that she has no control (no choices) in a given situation. The medication she takes generally helps her to remain more stable, and it is usually clear when she has delayed a little too long in taking her medication (her general affect tends to be more negative, ranging from fearful and distraught to upset and angry). I can't help but wonder about the long-term effects of such high levels of stress on her system - since childhood... Her sympathetic nervous system "fight-or-flight" mechanisms are engaged more quickly than most people, remain at higher levels of activation than most people and for longer periods of time.  She is also grossly overweight, and that can't be helping matters much either. +++++++++++++ and on top of the long to-do, yesterday got that tickle in my throat, it was quite sore this AM.  Not so bad now, but I've been napping and sucking down cold-eze and Vitamin C.  Hoping it won't get worse tomorrow... and that I'll be healthy enough to attend the internship on Wednesday afternoon. now to sleep!