I started on my new BP med today. Too early for results but I hope it reduces my heart rate some. 120 bpm is a bit too high. I'm still aggavated that I had to change from altace and labetalol a year ago due to asthma. But they are beta blockers and that can cause you to cough which aggravates the asthma, so what can you do? They did control my bp and heart rate wonderfully so it's too bad. My doc started me on Avapro next. I've been on it for a year and it controls my BP great but my pulse rate has continued to climb. He now has started me on CardizemLA which is a calcium channel blocker. Hopefully this will do the trick. (Wonder what the LA stands for? Maybe as a side effect I may want to start surfing. Hang loose, dude). I had my blood drawn at the lab this morning. I lucked out. The tech was very good and was able  to find a vein the first time. Usually they poke around a bit on my arm before giving up and drawing it from my hand. I was in and out in no time. I'm feeling better today so far. Hope it lasts. Back to the doc on Thursday. Be well,Tom