Cardio rehab.......

Going to cardio rehab today. Looking forward to seeing all the nurses and doctors who not only saved my life but actually gave me a life to live......



Good on ya! concerning the smoking. I flirt with cigars which is a ticking time bomb for me. Although not taken the smoke into my lungs I still am tied to a nicotine habit. I will also dip now and again. Your 17 days without nicotine has detoxed you. Now the psychological fight starts. The cravings are not physical. It\'s all mental now and they pass within 7 minutes. So hang in there girl. Over time it works. We have many folks here who have beaten that deadly addiction. This and stress reduction are the best things you have control over. So you are in all our prayers as you toil through this. My best to you as this year I too will try and kick the nicotine thing. Caffeine was tricky for about 2 weeks, but I did that and now can stay away from caffeinated products totally. Even flirting with decaf coffee is dangerous for me cause one is always just a choice away evreytime.

Just Joe