Can you see?

I wonder if you can see all that I have been doing?  I wonder if you can see what is done.  The bathroom except for fixing broken drawer is done, maybe a little touch of stain.  The trim around the kitchen counter you never finished - looks good huh?, the trim around the window done, the cabinet drawers painted to match finally. Than there the hole I burnt in the deck - fixed - just have to clean the porch up, and paint.  Its next
Carpet coming tomorrow I splurged and did M. Bedroom, hallway and one other bedroom.  I think rest is just cleanable and done.  I can after tomorrow put in all the furniture, set them up, than off to clean up dining room, kitchen, living room area.  Maybe by next week get it listed.
Lori Ennis offered to try and sell for a lower commission, I had talked to Christina who helped me refinance, I wonder if I should talk to Lori first.  It would save me $$$ but I feel like a traitor.  I can ask both what commission they are charging. Andy is bugging me to list also but I feel better with the girls.
I started putting all the junk into dumpster I ordered, almost full in one swipe, but not completely so will work more on it next week.  Toby moved heavy gates to fix water damaged railroad ties - just need to get some chain to place them together, its better than the RR ties since Bill's water floods it.  He is coming to weed the tall grass down in one more week after summer camp.  I have to take your weed eater to get worked on. 
I just do wonder if you can see all the work you left me and see what I have done. If you can please send me more help to get it all done...garage clean up next. I am pretty exhausted working hard to get this done.  Its sad to fix this up just to leave but I am emotionally, physically and financially ready.  I hope this is the right decision but I feel good about it.