Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine
Can you imagine what life would be like
If there were no sadness, no grudges, no hate
Where everyone loved each other
What a difference that love would make
Can you imagine a life long marriage
Where families enjoyed each other
No fights or jealousy within the kids.
Where it's an honor to be a mother
Can you imagine a spouse who loved you
Accepted your faults and your querks
A spouse who always stayed faithful
Instead of being cheaters and jerks
Can you imagine having the good things in life
A nice home, a good job and, good health
Where depression never entered the doors
And a world not controlled by wealth
Can you imagine where there never was doubt
About whether you were loved or not
Where marriage was as sweet and kind
As the day that we "tied the knot"
Can you imagine a life of happiness
Where loved ones lived on and on
There would be no need of funerals
Or graves of those who've passed on
Can you imagine, a crazy Biker
An outcast, in his home town
A man who battled addictions
till the Lord turned his life around
I'm sure we can all imagine
The things I mentioned in rhyme
You see, I'm that crazy Biker
And these are just thoughts of mine.
Written by Oldbiker 12/14/2010 at 8:15 pm/



Love it Pee Wee. You are such a talented writer.... such a precious friend... thanks so much for sharing this. love you.

Thank you for sharing your lovely poem. It is very nice. I am a poet also and appreciate your poetry.

Interesting thoughts and well written!!

Love it, a real utopian society. If only such a thing could really exist but then I guess the price to pay for it would be great. After all there has to be good and bad, up and down, right and wrong.

Balance is the key x

Very Deep in thoughts. I guess if everything was with out pain or the sorrows of life we wouldn\'t grow. We wouldn\'t appreciate the good things in life . Yes , I would much rather to Not be hurting right now but I trust that God know\'s what\'s best for me each second of every day, this is what I am learning. Submission .