Can't believe it.

I really can't believe the place I'm in at the moment. I've coped with the big changes at home, tackled restarting back at work and now I'm taking on a social life.Tonight I went out with the girls from work for a curry! Something I was absolutely terrified about doing but still did it. Not only because of the food element but also knowing that I haven't been back there that long and so I don't know all of them very well yet. As it happens though, I had a lovely night and hopefully I wont regret it when I step on the scales tomorrow. I've just got to remember that it IS normal to go out now and again for a meal.Not only this but I got a text from a friend asking if I'd like to meet up with her again tomorrow night (something which at such short notice I would have turned down straight away) but I've arranged to go and sleep over at hers tomorrow evening after being at work in the morning.Saturday I'm meeting up with an old friend from work who left a couple of years ago (involves using tube journey I've not done yet).Sunday I have free although I think my step sister is visiting then so I shall be spending the day with her :)Monday is work again in the morning and then Tuesday I'm meeting up with the first friend again to go and get our nails done together before she goes away on holiday for a short therapist has only just come back off holiday and I see him next Friday. Hope I don't give him a heart attack when I tell him all the stuff I've done! lol!