Can\'t believe it

Ok, so he has finally been told to get out of the house that was foreclosed on in Dec.  All my personal belongings that he has been holding on to he told me I could come and get before he moves.  Once I do it he emails me and tells me he doesn't want anything that belonged to me but then says something about going into court and telling the judge how I took everything and how the judge will give it all to him because he has miner children.  Mind you not my children.  Of course most of the things I took were mine before our marriage and the few things that weren't so what he told me he didn't want any of it.  Every time I turn around he is changing his mind and saying something else.  Why does it always take a breakup to really see the person for who they are?  Everybody kept telling me how he was only in it for himself and how I raised the children not him.  When he was home with them he ignored them and watch tv.   I often did say that they could kill each other in front of him and he wouldn't notice it.  He also said in this email something about me getting his personal information on his pension and how he was going to charge me with this.  Doesn't he realize that the company would have never done anything illegal and if I couldn't get the information then they wouldn't have sent it to me?  Again just doesn't make sense.  I think he also changed his oldest daughters email address because I tried to send her something and it came back saying no email address like that.  These kids will soon see what he is doing.  Keeping me from them isn't going to work for long.  Why can't he just get over the fact that I left and move on with his life?