Camping dreams today......reality working tommorow...

My day didnt go well today and my camping plans were foiled just like a cowboys campfire supper....I had talks this week of taking tommorow off so that i could atleast get one night of camping in as Saturday there is a high percentage of rain and I have no tarp.  So boss comes to me and says she had a couple of things come up tommorow and asked me to work tommorow after we had already talked about me taking off.  Im exhausted.  Ive taken one day off sick this year and really needed this.

Not only that, but, she stood at my door and ranted for 30 minutes about how we are working our tails off and the other people in the office take of half the time.  They have their jobs because she and i bust are tails everymonth for billing so they get paid only to come and go as they please.  It burns me.  And while Im ranting....cant the damn roomie empty the diahwasher once in awhile or put a new roll of paper on the roll when its out?  God I hate being the person who picks up the slack....but..refuse to live in an unkept area.  Ugggg. 



One of my main adventure mottoes is, "Let the dream motivate. Let reality dictate." The fact that reality intruded on the dream this go-round doesn't invalidate future potentials. Hope it works out the next time.

Speaking of reality. . . Being the person who picks up the slack seems to be the price of companionship and/or expense sharing while refusing to live in an unkept area. I'll see your Uggg and raise you a gr-r-r-r-r. . .