I love this time of day, watching the dawn wash away the dark shadows of the man bright night while the first notes of the morning bird concert hail the start of a new day. I sip the last of my morning coffee and stretch deeply in the crisp morning air.
I can't help wondering about our newlyweds while I decompress from the frantic week of preparing for the wedding while I cared for a sick husband. Wondering about newlyweds on their honeymoon is far preferable than checking on the old man still sick in the house... All in its own time and space.
Decompressing after an intense period of activity has always been tough for me. My "ON" switch seems to be accessible to the entire world.  My tightly wound system is forever ready to spring into action. Suggestions whispered on another continent can reach me as a call to action.
I still haven't found the "OFF"switch. Freight trains need less equipment and space for slowing down than I do. Again the garden comes to the rescue. The five weeks in the river valleys gave the plants time to get ahead of my obsessive attention. Winter is the only time tender salad greens grow for me here in hot Central Texas. The garden has come a long way in the short year since I started the compost pile in the high corner of the yard.



I love the way you write !

I have also been under a lot of stress, and as things are getting settled down with my Mom, I find it hard to decompress . I always said I had 2 switches

and not much in between