So I'm going to apologize before hand before I unintentionally offend someone. If anyone who is, has been, or is related to someone who is a police officer or a sheriff please disregard the hostility I have towards our "police force" tonight.
After spending the day with my entire family [which just so happens to be huge] at a park about 100 miles away from San Diego, which just so happens to be a familiar area since I've been going there my entire life. We spent the day at the park for my cousin's first birthday. Then afterwards we went to one of my family members house where we all hung out and I had a few drinks. My boyfriend, who refuses to drink and drive behind the wheel, [like any reasonable person does] behind the wheel SOBER as ever and started driving towards the freeway. We pull up next to an unmarked police car... who is in the lane next to us to go straight as we were headed left. What happens.. he pulls us over. FOR NO REASON. Now at this point I'm not worried as I know Bobby hasn't had anything to drink. Before I know it, the Sheriff is asking him to exit the vehicle and telling me to put my hands on my lap. And before I could blink there were 4 other police cars for back up. Mind you, we have done nothing wrong. But apparently the Sheriff didn't like the fact that Bobby asked why we were being pulled over and that we haven't done anything wrong. I watch as they search him and as my hands are glued to my legs. They take him back to the squad car and put him in the backseat. At this point, I'm nervous, furious, and angry. I've NEVER gotten a ticket or been pulled over in my life. So you have to imagine that this is not your average traffic stop. Next thing I know the back up is opening my door asking me if I have any weapons. Obviously not. Next thing I know, he is telling me to sit on the curb. So here I am, in the dark, on the cold curb, freezing outside, physically shaking from being nervous, and my boyfriend is in the back of a squad car. Not to mention they've blocked off the entire lane with their lights and cars. It gets better. So the guy that is questioning me about drinking and this and that and asks me if my boyfriend drinks and blah blah blah... starts trying to twist my words. Dude, if you want to know if he's been drinking... do your tests and we can avoid this whole situation. Thennnnn they decide that 4 of them need to search a 2 door truck. Okay, they found NOTHING. So as the guy that's questioning me starts to realize I'm not going to allow him to twist my words, and that I'm physically shaking because of him.. he starts to talk to me on a more personal level asking me where I'm from, what I do in San Diego and when I respond with I'm in college full time, I could automatically see the respect light flash on in his eyes. It was almost disgusting. He started speaking to me with respect, asking me what college I went to, what field I was studying, and ALMOST started feeling bad for me. Who's playing this game now dude? I almosttttt laughed at the way I made him believe that I was actually about to pass out from being so nervous. Come on dude... I'm a smart girl, I know you have NO REASONING for doing this. After about 45 minutes of this nonsense, they finally pull Bobby out of the car and start doing his sobriety tests. Obviously he passes, but not without a fight with these guys. I'm still on the curb, making this dude feel bad for me. FINALLY after an hour of this bull, they finally let us go. I am not kidding. I'm so angry right now I can't even describe it. SO RIDICULOUS, this is where our taxpayer dollars goes, so people who have done nothing can get harrassed.. as drunks are passing by us as a sober dude is in the back of your car................. Honestly, I can't even believe this crap happened tonight. I can even describe what it's like to be harrassed by the people who are supposed to be protecting you... I'm furious and my ENTIRE opinion of police/sheriffs has changed tonight. Thank you kind sirs for that. ALL SIX OF YOU.



omg Kenna - that is JUST horrible. Sorry that you had to witness such injustice and PARTICIPATE in it. Imagine how many more serious issues were going one while they were wasting their time on you guys? Ridiculous but SO GLAD you kept your cool as you know that would have worse for you.
Glad you shared. Something like this could bubble up in you and create worse issues for YOU!! God girl - this is just insane!
Thanks for sharing