Busy? Who? Me???

Monday, August 10, 2009 – 2:30 P.M. Contrary to popular belief, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. True, I have not been here for about a week, but I am alive and kicking.   I finally managed to tell my CNA that she could no longer have any of my medications. Rather than tell her straight out, I told her in a roundabout way. Actually, I was somewhat sneaky in what I said, and to be totally honest, I lied to her.   I figured that if I told my CNA to stop using my medicine, she simply would not listen to me. I thought she needed to hear something that would really shake her up, so I told her that during the week when she had not been here, the police paid me a visit saying that they had received a report to the effect that I had been distributing narcotics to one of the people working for me. That really got her attention.   To make a long story short, I then told her that she could no longer have any of my prescription medicine. I said that if I was charged with distributing narcotics, I could lose my section 8 voucher, she could lose her job, and we could both go to jail. I'm sure she got the message. She has not asked me for any more medicines since then.   I saw Dr. Martin last Wednesday, and she seemed to approve of what I had done. I am hopeful that this will put an end to what has become a very large headache. If, for some reason it does not, then I will have to be much more forthright with this person.   On Thursday, I went to see my primary care physician. I sat in his examining room waiting for him for almost an hour, during which time my ride came to pick me up and take me home. Since I was still stuck in the office, the driver did not come into the office to see why I was not waiting for him, but he drove away instead.   My overall health seems to have improved since I stopped using the internal catheters. I have not had an infection for two months, which is a large improvement over the infections that I had been having each month for a year or more. Despite the problems I have encountered with the new catheters, my doctor wants me to continue using them indefinitely. He did say that if I went on a vacation somewhere, he would be willing to let me start using the internal catheters for the time that I would be gone. That would make it easier on me as well as the people who help me.   He also commented on a Stage I pressure sore located on my butt. He said he wanted a nurse from my home healthcare agency to treat it twice a week, and that he would send a fax to the home healthcare agency to that effect. As of today, I have not yet heard from the home healthcare agency about that.   My doctor asked his social worker to arrange for me to have a wheelchair seating evaluation done as soon as possible. He seems to feel that there has been a change in my posture, which may account for the pressure sore that I have gotten. I received a phone call from a company today, and I will have that seating evaluation done this coming Friday.   I am also going to have a wheelchair evaluation, from another company, because both of my foot pedals have become bent, and various screws have been falling out of the chair. Something is definitely wrong with it and needs to be fixed.   At the conclusion of my appointment, I went looking for my ride, but it was already gone. Of course, by then I was three hours late. The receptionist called the transportation agency for me, but she was told that they did not know when anyone would have time to pick me up. I went outside the building to wait for my ride, but the vehicle came and drove right past me without stopping. Because of that, I decided to take two buses and light rail instead.   The first bus, and the light rail, worked just fine until I got to the place where I picked up my second bus ride. It was then that I arrived in the midst of a horrible lightning and thunderstorm. It was quite a downpour, and I was not too happy upon having to roll two blocks from the bus stop to my apartment. By the time I got home, I was drenched.   I saw Dale on Friday morning. We talked about a number of things, especially about the medication I have been using, and the pain I am still having. He said that everyone involved with my case had been keeping an eye on things just to make sure that I was not abusing any of my medicine   I told Dale that my back pain had been increasing recently, but that I was staying within the limits set forth by my primary care physician as far as the pain medicine was concerned. Dale said he knew that and that while they did not want me to become addicted to pain medication, they certainly did not want me to have to "suffer" with pain. He said that if I was having a lot of pain, I should go ahead and take as much medication as my doctor allowed.   Prior to my seeing Dale, I had arranged to have my transportation take me to a cell phone store a little more than a mile and a half from my apartment, at the conclusion of my visit with Dale. My plan, which was successful, was to be dropped at the store and have my cell phone programmed.   Since I no longer had a ride waiting on me, that meant I had to roll home on my own. I thought it would be a good experience, since it would get me out of my home and outside alone. What I did not count on was that the temperatures would be in the low 90s. By the time I got back to the apartment complex, I was roasting hot. The two managers were standing out in the parking lot, and they took one look at me and said, "You better start taking care of yourself." I made my way to my air-conditioned apartment, went inside, and then fell asleep for two a half hours. I was completely worn out.   Although I am still feeling somewhat tired, I believe that I accomplished several good things last week. I spent part of the weekend trying to recuperate physically. I feel that I have a few days to go before I am back to normal.   I am seeing Dr. Martin on Wednesday, and my brother and I are supposed to have a picnic on Thursday. After that, I will go to the wheelchair seating evaluation on Friday, and I will see Dale next Monday. That should keep me busy for the time being. I am beginning to feel that I need to have a vacation, and I have already talked with both Dr. Martin and Dale about that. They tend to agree, so I am working on some tentative plans to go somewhere within the next year, if at all possible. HOORAY!            



Glad things seem to be looking up for you at last. I hope you get to go on that vacation. hugs-Stephanie

WOW Jim!

Sheebus! You did A LOT! Nice bluff about the drugs too.

Now...... I have noticed in my CFS/Depression \'career\', that sometimes, the post fatigue after doing a lot like you\'ve done, can make me think I\'m depressed, when it\'s just more tired.

You\'re not used to doing that much all the time, so please be kind to yourself in its after effects.

Sometimes just saying to myself, \'oh yeah, I did a lot that I\'m not used to\' is enough to get my brain to rewire.

Please, if you have any kind of a let down, don\'t let it negate everything you\'ve just done (noticing patterns in your life). Everything is NEW, even if it\'s bad.

The good stuff is still the good stuff.

Hugs and Mojo