Buses suck and so does my body.

Well I woke up at 6 ready for my english exam..Didn't study cos' I don't know why. At 8 I tried to start my car, it wouldn't so I had to catch the bus. Somewhere between the bus and school I lost my keys and still havn't found them..I then was 20 minutes late for my exam but thats okay cos' the just don't let anyone in 30 minutes late, Man catching the bus sucked. Um, then I stayed for the compulsary 2 hours having finished two papers and leaving 1 out of spite cos I hate my english teacher. I walked in the rain to the station to get the bus home. Waited 45 minutes for the bus oh btw my phone died on the way to the exam so couldn't ring anyone. I went to the library to ring my Mom and she told me to try my car when I got home and if it didn't work ring the AA so I got home, Luckily I hide a spare key under my car. And luckily I left the house phone outside. So I waited for the AA in the rain cos I was locked outside. Mom got sick of me ringing her and angry at me. The AA showed up and said I have a flat battery well actually said its life is pretty much over and that I needed my I forget the name now replacing/fixing. I was meant to give blood tonight in Wellinbgton so I asked him if it had to be done like today and he said well basically once you stop your car you're not gunna get it started again so  drove to the Suzuki garage and explained what happend. They said it might be ready for tonight but I just got a call saying it isn't. Mom rang them (typical) and asked how much its gunna be and they said $200 minimum so there goes some of my England money. Um I had to ask my grandad to pick me up from the garage. When I got home I was opening all the windows and doors and discovered the laundry door was open the whole time. Fuck. Today sucked. And so I rang the blood people up and re aranged to give blood tomorow afternoon. Hopefully my car is ready by then. I have to catch the bus to my exam tomorow.  Otherwise I am doing pretty crapily. My self esteem is at the most lowest. I put on the clothes I brought last week today and god.. yuck..my body! I think if I had straight hips and no breasts I'd be happy. I fully hate the way this body is. I couldn't face the clothes I brought cos well Iunno why I even brought them and went shopping. The money I spent could of been on my car, I get paid on thursday anyway. I am totally stuck. I hate the way things are atm