Bumping along

Here I am bumping along doing what my life requires and doing what I can do when I can fixing things as I go along.
Finally the rain has stop seemed to go on forever last couple of weeks.  SO now outdoors I can get fencing etc done around place.
Got a chance at a part time job near my home for a couple of months....helps financially for now.  I am applying for the school system to be a part time para educator (basically a teachers assistant) trying to application finished....a lot of things to get to them.  Quite an application for each school district near me....3 of them within 30-50 miles.... I need the work to keep me afloat...  I will be working for a Christian camp helping wherever needed outdoors:  setting water sprinklers, hauling garabage to dumps, taking TP etc where needed, helping at snak shop, cleaning toilets - washrooms at end of week when camp kids leave...which is no big deal.  A good summer job and only 2 mins away from my home...yeah GOD thank YOU I need a school job this fall. thru spring now....even a substitute one
Need to buy a pressure tank for my water system.  Seems the 60 gallon one is petering out.  They are very expensive, Want the one from Sears but have to order it and pay shipping NOT fair....
The one at Lowes is not rated very well so although under $300 wonder if I should take a chance...hmmm
Than to get someone to put it in.
Sister in hospital for a day has Vertigo well actually menieres (spelling)inner ear causing fainting,  nauseous, and unbalance issues....SIL in hospital can not passkidney stone so pushed it back up and going in for surgery to break it up next few days...Roger's  Aunt passed away unexpectedly at age 92 so will attend her funeral so I can see his and my favorite Aunt coming from Spokane. Seems a lot to so.
My kittens that lost their Mommy at 3 weeks old are now 8 wks and next Monday go to their new homes.  I so wanted to keep
one but my spoiled male cat looks like he wants to eat them so do not want to take the chance. My 15 yr old cat is so deaf now she is acting like her days are numbered.
This is my life.  I am not totally happy with it but its manageable and I have to accept what I can not change.  After deciding to stay in my home (selling it was getting to be a pain - no one wanted to buy it for anywhere near its appraised value or wanted me to carry contract)