It is very cold around here....around most of the country I guess. So I am very careful to limit myself to indoor activities. Actually I have been doing pretty well. I have been lucky and avoided respiratory infections for almost 2 years. (I hate to mention it in case I jinx it...but too late now). My pulmonologist has done a great job and I'm much more in control of my asthma than I was. Of course, being retired helps me avoid unexpected triggers and exposure to folks who are sick . Whatever the reason,  I'm doing well. There is a minor difficulty with keeping my pulmonologist, though. He had to give up his private practice and join SSM Health Group. They operate many hospitals and clinics in our area. I have no problem with that. All my other doctors are affiliated with SSM. Plus now he will be able to pull up all my health records via their in house computer network.  I  guess the only downside for me is that I will have to drive 10 miles more to his new location. I plan to do just that. While there are pulmonologists in closer to my area, I KNOW the one I have...and he knows me. Besides a new doctor would probably want to put me through the wringer running tests. I've done all the tests already and have no wish to do it all over, thank you very much. I don't know why the doctor had to shut down his office but I suspect that it is a case of not being able to compete with the big boys. Other than that, not much going on. Stay warm.Tom