Bridal Shower

 Well Journal,
    The bridal shower went well i thought,altho it took forever to get there(very long drive),thank god i carpooled cuz i never would have found the place,so i was able to enjoy the scenery which some of the houses we went by were not only immaculate landscaped but also huge,sadly tho saw way to many for sale signs on lawns(thanks to our lovely economy).
  So we arrive finally and the place was very cute,and i have to say excellant food as well,and oh yes thank god there was a bar so i was able to have my shot and a beer  before festivities began,as did half of the room also,at 1 point 1/2 the room was at the bar,to funny.
 Now I love my GF I do,however she is a drama queen (which being honest here some days i just cant take) for a girl who has to be the center of attn at any function she goes to,you would think she would enjoy being the center of attn at her own bridal shower,this was not the case,(which kinda pissed me off cuz her mom and soon to be mom in law did alot to pull this off),now I am not a fan of pic taking either,BUT for special functions yes ok i will pose for pics,she had to complain everytime and i do mean everytime a pic was taken,I said laura honey just figure it as good practice for the wedding(in other words stop bitching).
 So she opens the gifts which she pretty much got everything on the list but HAHA- NO PILLOW PROTECTORS(phew),so of course i made the bridal hat out of the ribbons and bows from gifts, well if looks could kill i'd be dead now,hey you know to bad all brides to be have one at shower......she wore it for pics begrudgingly,and all i heard was complaints from her,but I recvd many compliments from other people about it including her mom....
Basically the girl has to learn to lighten up and enjoy,and i told her that several times yesterday,in fact our table told her that more than once,so i had a good time,i just hope the bride to be did also.