Bridal Registry

Dear Journal,
  Well as my 8 hr work day is complete,I find my self at Bed,Bath and Beyond...Why? Because my girlfriends bridal shower is tomorrow.....yes people i hear you"gee nothing like waiting till last minute" LOL.....Anyways,I am back at BB&B for the 3rd time this year twice for both of nieces showers and once for GF's,as i recieve the register to look thru for what she wants ,not only is it 5 pages long,but i skim thru stuff to suit my price range(HINT: I like to buy at least 4 different items from list) with a budget of $75.00 total,its what i spent on nieces so why not GF also,yes i know i am strange,but i would rather buy 4 different then 1 huge item(yes i am quirky that way)......I love BB&B because they wrap everything for you right there,its perfect all wrapped and ready to go in my car for tomorrow.....
As i was reading thru the list and walking thru the aisles looking for her stuff,I start to chuckle to myself because i see very extravagant items on this list( side note the girl comes from a wealthy family so...),but the things on her list is laughable,because she seems to forget I know her and 1/2 of the stuff,she would never use,1/2 the time they( her and fiancee) go out for dinner.....and she is what i call a mish mash person decorating wise,she really doesnt color co-ordinate anything,she has a lovely house warm and inviting but she also has a beige couch a pink chair that looks like her great grandma used to own(yes I despise that chair) and a  lime green lounging chair,everytime i walk in her LR i ask her when she wants to go furniture shopping,I will be more than pleased to help in that shopping trip....LOL
But I digress here,again still walking thru aisles,when i notice she has on list pillow covers(you know the ones to protect the pillows ), not only are they 24.99 a piece  but she wants 4 king size ones (27.99)and 2 queen size ones(24.99),well i guess my laughing got a little to loud as i am laughing and saying 4 king 2 queen  OMG!! how many pillows do u have??? as i said i guess i was a little loud because the people in the aisle where i was stopped talking, turned looked at me, smiled that smile of ok lady your nuts and walked away..... IT WAS HYSTERICAL!!!
So by this time i had my items and checked out...waiting for wrapping to be done I am standing there still laughing,because i can see it now,if someone did get her the pillow covers i may just fall off my seat tomorrow laughing,cuz who knows it could be the people i scared off tonight.....
This shower will be all afternoon tomorrow,thank god i am carpooling with her niece  cuz the damn thing is an hr away,UGH!!! I love my GF I do,but her family and his for 6 hrs,plz oh plz let there be a bar....cuz i will need at least 1 drink to get thru this.