breakfast with hubby

This morning we went to kaiser for lab work for my husband to have his blood levels checked. This week we celebrated 3 more years of life since JIm's heart attack. Life is funny that way, I think that in many ways that is what got the ball rolling towards the WLS. Now with everything changing I see the beauty of a world we will share for along time.  We have talked about my resonality changing possible and he is willing to help us work through that. He teases me about he will just say i am going to spank you if you get crazier than you already are.  This morning after the lab went we to breakfast, my first venture out since the surgery. In many ways i found this simple because I am limited to soft foods. So I ordered two scrambled eggs and a side of cottage cheese.  I am pleased to say that I left half the eggs and most of the cottage cheese.  So I now understand that there is a learning curve as well on what to order. The breakfast was really nice because we snuck off without our teenagers. We haven't had much tiem alone since the surgery and we really needed it. We work hard at having our time and he needs to know that he is reallvy important to my life. We are making plans in a couple of months to run away for a couple weekend. I am looking forward to that.  He said that he can tell the weight has changed because he sees it every where, he even referenced my feet. Now I wonder how much that will change in high school I wore a size 9. One thing is for sure my ankle is swelling like it was. Today is good.