Break from the Fall Funk

I'm thinking about going into work tomorrow, even though I don't have to. I had such a good day today. I know going to work makes me feel better, so tomorrow if I wake up in a funk, I think I will go into work. I felt like crap partially today, sick, but my mood has been great. My stomach has been giving me a bit of a problem, but that could be because I had some milk in the morning. When I woke up today, though, I just woke up in a good mood. I didn't want to go to work, but I knew it was going to be good for me. I knew if I stayed home, that I wouldn't be doing as well anymore. I would deteriorate. I got my 12 hours of sleep last night. I know my boss wants me to come in as often as possible, so I'm really thinking about going in tomorrow. I just have to let Geo know so he doesn't wonder where I am if I leave before he wakes up. I just feel good, I got a break from the Fall Funk. I need to do laundry and stuff, so I am going to take off Thursday, but tomorrow I don't have any big plans. I would rather do 2 days back to back and have one off than do one extra day and then my long day. I might even plan this week to go in early on Friday.
Work went well today. I did have to do my callbacks, but it wasn't too bad. I'm getting used to them. I did some in Spanish, and luckily the one person who had questions I could talk to in English. Other than that, it was just leaving messages for people in Spanish, which I can do. It's when people try and talk back to me in something that I'm not ready for that I have trouble. I can have conversations, but only when I'm ready for them lol. A guy came up and asked for a doctor who is always booked, and we told him to come back later... he came back and she was almost booked, so we told him that we would call him tomorrow. He said okay, and bought my boss and I a Coke. My boss said okay, you bribed us, you get the last appointment. LOL. I should do that more often... tell patients that if they buy me something I will give them appointments. Nah, I wouldn't do that. It's a low income clinic, so the people going there don't have a lot of money.
My boss told me that she was going to go home and have her Coke with some rum, and I decided that was a good idea as well, so I had a rum and Coke with dinner. I'm still low on calories, but I feel more hungry today, so I might meet my goal. I think if I have a peanut butter sandwich later I should be able to meet my calorie goal. I didn't meet it for the past 2 days, but I'm getting better. I'm getting more and more calories in me, so that's a good thing. It may mean that the depression is lifting. I hope so. I don't want to be depressed. I know sometimes I do want to be, for the attention, but this is not one of those times. I'm feeling better now, so I want to be feeling better (does that make sense?) All I know is that work is awesome for making me feel better.
I'm wondering how long I should be on this SSDI. I know I can't work full time, but I can work part time. I'm looking for a part time job at the clinic, but maybe I should be looking harder at other places. I think that's a good idea. I would love to work at the clinic since it's so close and the people there are great, but I think a part time job at the mall would work too. There's a mall near where I live that I can take the bus to (or even walk to) and I can look for part time work there. I'm sure they are hiring considering that it's coming up to holiday season. I think some temp work would be great. I think I'm going to work on my resume on Thursday as well. I think that's a good idea. I would just have to find a job where I could sit, that's my only issue. I could tell them I'm disabled, and that I have problems standing so I don't have to get into the whole mental health issue. I think I'm going to talk to my therapist and Geo about that.
I already talked about food above. Mood was good today... I think I'm doing a whole lot better than I was yesterday. Maybe Tuesdays are just good days for me, I don't know. I think I am going to try and go into work tomorrow, just to make my mood better. Stress was medium today, I was doing some paperwork for my boss and counting, and trying to count with all this stuff going on around me is hard (I was counting logs and trying to keep track of 4 sets of numbers at the same time). Sleep was good.. I woke up on time, feeling great. Overall, it was a nice break!