Brazilian music and other things

Yesterday started as a frustrating day.  In my job, one of major retail stores,  our paychecks have not arrived.  Usually the checks are there by thursday but up to today friday we still have not gotten them. Worst no explanation has been given.  I am contemplating sending a letter to HR.  Is just not fair.  I do have money for the week, but a lot of people have to work paycheck to paycheck, and I also feel is besides the point.  When one works the least  the employer can do is pay.  On time.
It was sad seen how some coworkers didn't even have enough for train fare.  Most did not show up to work today.  Am seriously considering testing the waters out there to see if I can get a better job.
The good thing was that my daughter called me.  She was making an effort to have a conversation about what is going on in Egypt-we used to discuss the news almost daily-she even asked me how Alonso is doing.  I told her I gave him a taste of her recipe and that he liked it.  She says she was glad and sounded happy about it.  I don't want to read to much into it, but it was a nice surprise.
Then last night I accompanied Alonso to a gig in the city,  nice little restaurant, his group played some brazilian music, and I have to say, it was just what I needed.  He can really play!!  The food was good, but I don't understand what is up with restaurants lights, lately every other one that I have going to has  candlelight-almost-no light only barely there candelight.  Well like I said the music  was great and the food was good too.
Am glad I went.



Sorry about your paycheck, but glad your daughter called.

It\'s good you can cover your bills until your paycheck arrives. I would quietly start looking for another job.

I\'m glad for you that your daughter called. Go slow on this and don\'t expect too much. You went into the city. I bet that was so much fun.