Brains natural pain Medication Compromised


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Reply #15 - 07/21/11  4:19pm

Oh sweetheart..... I don't know you well yet, but your post did give me a clue to what you endure. We all (Pain Patients) have our own hells and even some heaven days (weeks) I even had a whole year in my bed during the beginning years of my chronic pain. I feel the same way at times ..... we feel so isolated and abandoned in a world of people and medical professionals who do not ( cannot ) understand really understand what we are living, existing, surviving, enduring, struggling, with .... the list goes on and on and on. I haven't read the article you listed for us to read last week as my pain has been too bad to sit at the computer. I promise to find it and read it soon. I have a husband in the addiction field. He works with vets coming home from war and some who've never recovered from experiences with older wars. He finds info as he can on the chronic pain issues and asks other employees, and docs when he can to try to help me with info and what the docs and scientists are finding about our brains, our bodies and this disease, along with other diseases which cause chronic pain. He tries so hard to support me but as he says, He has no similar experience in his life to compare mine to" He cannot even pretend to empathize with me. He cares and that's enough for me. Any way... they are finding with ( some people) and with most brains that having us on this pain medication, that was never made for chronic pain, it was designed for 'acute' pain only..... that the drugs, especially in the high doses for long periods of time, which is what most of us chronic pain patients end up with,the meds are stopping our brains from making it's own pain medicine naturally. The brain figures it doesn't have to make it anymore because we are putting the medicine in there for it. So of course this is NEW SCIENTIFIC THEORY, and it is probably going to be altered and changed and found that it doesn't hold true across the board for all brains or all people or all diseases. These professionals are at a loss and scurrying like crazy attempting to help find solutions and new meds for an epidemic of chronic physical pain that is sweeping not only the U.S.A., but across the world. The war on drugs with the drug police involved has not helped. The DEA knows nothing of medical info on chronic pain, they only know their jobs which is catching the bad guy on the street and there are a very few bad docs making a buck with the situation as it is. The problem with this whole mess is that because there are cops monitoring doctors and patients with such huge penalties if you cannot prove your case, or the doc can't prove his, then good people who are innocent and stuck in the middle of it all are going to prison for no good reason. Thischronic pain disease ruins families and relationships of all kinds not to mention how drastically it changes ours, the CP patients life. Now with cops interfereing with the medical profession, the SACRED Realationship of doctor/patient has been compromised to the point that it is almost useless. The doc cannot tell us the whole truth for fear that we may be an addicted person just in the office for a high, and we cannot tell the doctor the whole truth for fear he/she may think we are an addict looking to get high. So now what??????? I have no answers. It makes me a little crazy at times. I know that I have developed a new symptom of nerves which are hyper-sensitive almost like fibro symptoms. It is hard to take a shower as the water hitting my skin send nerve pain all over in and outside my body for the first few minutes. Same with a bath, swimming pool, and even the loving touch of my husband. I first noticed it with the ER nurses attempting to get an IV in my arm. They might as well have been cutting my arm off for the pain I felt. It is because my brain is not making any natural pain medication when I get a hut some where now no acute natural pain medicine is made by my brain. Soooooooooooo... we are trying to lower my breakthru meds as much as possible and I will be doing physical therapy soon too whether I get pain or not I have to try to get my brain to begin to make it's own. That may have been the point of the article, I don't know. I do know we are all individual cases and diseases and should be treated as such. If they messed up my brain with the meds and I have to take them the rest of my life so be it! I won't live in horrific pain daily just for someones theory. Just won't I want whatever quality of life I can have and I have a right to it as a human being. Period. Lots of love and prayers ur way. In Love Light Truth & Service 'Stubborn' TerreiAnn ralop