Brad lied to me for 12 and half years

Brad lied to me for 12 and half years and his lies are growing.I found out that some of the stories that he told me for years simply were not true.He told me repeatedly about an abusethat happened in high school.But Brad thinks that I am stupid and believe him.First of all,this happened in Nebraska and I know for a fact that back in the 1970s....these people did not exist let alone be in schools.Look in the 1970s there was more sexuality and people talked butthese freaky people did not exist in the school system and if they did...the board of educationwould have made sure that they would not teach again.I know this because of an incident in myold hometown.It wasnt until the mid 1980-1990s that reports of these freaky people on theschool boards existed.This is lawsuits are on the increase.So who is he kidding? Why is he lying about abuse? Why did he lie like so many others? But Brad was hurt because he was in love.Whathappened was Brad met someone who he got pregnant and the parents broke them up.The girlmanaged to have the baby and she put the baby up for adoption.That hurt Brad for the restof his life..but he was 18 and how was he going to take care of a kid? This is what they did inthe 1970s and this was done .But this was not for the good of either one of the parties involved.When parents made her the baby up for adoption.....they thought that they were acting in thedaughters best interest.THIS WAS ONLY AS THE PARENTS SAW IT....THIS WASNT AS THE DAUGHTER SAW IT...THE WAY I SEE IT IS A POPULAR WAY THAT SOME PARENTS THINKTHAT THE SITUATION IS IN THE BEST INTEREST...MORE TRAGEDIES CAN HAPPEN.AND IT ALWAYS HAS.Brad never told anyone about this hurt...only me..but he wanted to find his kid.and what kind of role model would he be? A drug addict and constantly unemployed drunk.