Brad is going to jail-Friday June 20th,2008

Brad is going to jail Sunday night and I do not know what to do.All I will say is that strange things are happening and I do not know if it is just a coincidence or just my karma.I dreamt of so many things and i do not know wha t to do.But this pain is just killing me and noone in seattle really cares.I remember when I was sad back in New York,I could take the bus and go to the park.But these parks here have a lot of undesirable people living in them and people are being attacked.I wish that Frank was here and we would talk.Brad does not talk like all these so called senstive guys and he is getting to be the pits.He can go for 3 weeks without saying a word and not even his buddy knows what he is thinking and I wish that things were so different.As for me..i do wish that things were different..but noone told me that it would be this hard and what to expect.Why didnt the nuns tell me that it was going to be this way?And it is really a pity to live here now..because the people with money get everything.You have to have a lot of money to enjoy some of the stuff here and I am always broke.But the biggest hurt of all is when I realized that my first love never loved me at all.And it would not have worked out anyway.He wanted children.I think that all men want children..but the sad part of it..all women do not.You see some women just are not born to be mothers and no matter what these born again people say..they refuse to accept this fact.All mothers are women,but not all women are born to be mothers.Let me finish this right here.