So after I got home & had dinner, my son finally came down to the table. I reiterated that he may not go to Youth Group last night since he was so late to school.

Well, he pitched a fit. From "it was only 1 time" (yeah, this year, but he has a pattern) to "I failed classes last year & you didn't even ground me!" (His punishment is repeating the class; plus, I said, there was nothing to ground him from this past summer) to "I don't care what you say, I'm going!"
I stayed calm (for the most part--didn't raise my voice), stated my case & stood my ground. I guess it was when I went upstairs to change when he decided to fling his milk upwards, getting it all over the ceiling, wall behind him, table & floors. I had come back downstairs & saw what happened & didn't say a word. He asked me where the sponges & paper towels were & I told him. "Can you show me?" he asked. I said no, he knows where these places are. So he proceeded to clean up. I was calm, quiet & didn't say a word. Kept busy with filing & dusting.
He did get most of it up from the ceiling, table & floor, but I did go over the walls, pictures on the walls & ceiling with cleaner (because it's sticky & it's gonna smell). Although I tried scrubbing the ceiling, there is a permanent stain there because it's painted with flat paint as opposed to eggshell, which is on the walls. (Who would think to put eggshell on the ceiling? You don't expect things to get up there!) I've decided that when he gets a job eventually, the first of the money he makes will go toward buying paint to repaint the ceiling. Haven't told him that, but there's no need till he is actually working.
So anyway, he is "punishing" me with very nasty interactions. Bad attitude, "shut up", bossing, the works. I'm being nice for the most part, but telling him not to get like this with me; he is not the parent.

My feeling on all this? If you're going to be an a___, you're going to be an a___ all by yourself!