Botox certification at AAAMS

Botulinum Toxin Type A is the most popular non-surgical treatment in the cosmetic industry. At AAAMS, Cosmetic Courses have successfully mentored over 3000 doctors, dentists and nurses many of whom have gone on to build their own profitable aesthetic clinics. Botox is also the starting point for many medical professionals entering into aesthetics. The most common use for Botox is to reduce muscle activity in the upper part of the face, to minimize signs of ageing. This one day Botox training course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to injecting Botox into the 3 key areas of the upper face: Crows feet, Frown lines & Horizontal Forehead lines. Whilst here its not so as they have diverse team of trainers from all sectors Doctors, Aesthetic Nurses, Dentists, Medical Aestheticians and Cosmetic Surgeons giving you the unique opportunity to learn from each.As the largest provider of aesthetic training for nurses, doctors and dentists in the UK, they are fully accredited by the leading aesthetic insurance company. You dont need to worry about having insurance in place when you attend your training courses with them. With lectures and theory provided by the expert professors in the morning, a full day session of demonstrations and practical hands-on experience and plenty of marketing botox certificationadvice along the way; Cosmetic Courses will make sure that you leave every course feeling fully prepared to tackle the next stage of your medical aesthetic journey. One thing that they pride about themselves on is that, they dont believe in a One Size Fits All approach .Many training providers offer one type of Trainer: only doctors, RGNs or dentists. On successful completion of all courses you will receive a certificate of attendance which is recognized by all major insurance companies allowing you to go straight out and practice your techniques learned.