Boring Lazy Days

It's Sunday and once again I've not got any plans really. I had planned to make this chocolate cake of my Mum's two friends but at the moment I like to have my Mum around when I'm cooking or baking but she has ear ache today so I think I'll leave my cake for today.Goal UpdateI've lost weight again.I've actually had something different for breakfast today. I have to have breakfast with my medication so I always have 2 weetabix with just enough milk to wet the biscuit through but not spill into the bowl. But today I had 30g of Sugar puffs with 100ml of milk - which actually works out less calories. I feel....OK about it at the moment but it kind of feels....unsafe? I've been steered away from my normal food and it just feels a bit strange. I just keep telling myself that it's actually less calories and it's OK.