So was playing neopets today, haven't really played it in years! Feel like a child. Also been playing this Big Fish gamed called Shiver: Vanishing Hitchiker. It's pretty good, but I got stuck, so I decided to write about my day instead.
I wokeup late as usual, around 12pm I think, because I stayed up to 2am watching all sorts of videos on Youtube. I swear I am getting an internet addiction, or just all round computer addiction, because I am pretty much on it all day. It's either that or watching movies and TV series. Man is my life boring or what? I read a few chapters of the Bible, wasn't really in it though, but my mum said as long as I read it that is the mean thing, she said I still get the washing from it.
Got  the first season of the X-files out because I haven't really seen it, was more my older siblings generation. Should be good though, love the out of the ordinary stuff! It is not that I believe in that stuff. I just find it interesting to watch.
Well not sure how my internet will be tonight, seems to have been fine at the moment, but then I am sitting in the lounge at the moment, which is more closer to the router. The computer guy said it should work though from across the house. I guess if it keeps on happening we'll just have to get him in to replace the router. 
Anyway that is all I can think of at the moment, my life is soooooooooo boring!