Booked A Trip/Nasty Lady/Update On Granddaughter

Hi everyone!  Lots have been happening in the last few days.  First of all we booked a Spring Break trip with my daughter, grandson and her boyfriend.  My granddaughter can't go because she's still in the hospital.  To bad.  Well, they asked me to go!  I'm thrilled and scared at the same time. We will be driving and I need to stop often and sometimes can't make it to the next stop.  My husband has pulled off the highway and we try to find a little road to turn off to if there is no place to stop in site.  I just get out and go by the side of the car.  But I don't think I can do that with them.  I have a "thing" about wearing those protections or diapers so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  I don't want to spend all the time worrying about it and not enjoy myself.  I'll just have to speak up and hope for the best.   And then there's the nighttime.  I don't have accidents at night all the time - just sometimes but I never know when it's going to happen.  Sometimes I can predict it but not always.  I went on a "girl trip" last year and I had to wear those "diapers".  I just hated it but I had to.  I couldn't wet my bed with all my friends around.  I'll talk more about that another time because we are planning another "girl trip" in a couple months. My husband & I took a day trip to another city about 2 hours away.  I went to the bathroom at one of the rest stops but needed to go again before we got to our destination.  There really wasn't a place to pull off to go - no more rest stops, gas stations or restaurants.  So we took the next exit and found an Anitque Mall.   I knew that sometimes they don't want you to use their bathrooms unless you shop there. So, I go in and immediatly ask where their restrooms are.  She said, "In the back."  "Great," I thought.  I really had to go bad by then.  So I started back and probably wet my pants just about the whole way back there.  I was so embarassed!  I don't think anyone saw but I needed to leave the bathroom, leave the store. I took my coat off (luckily it's still cold out and I had a coat on) and put it around my waist.  It only covered in the back but not the front.  I walked as quickly out of the store as I could.  I had to pass that lady again at the front desk to leave.  She was so mean & nasty to me.  She says, "So, you're not shopping?  We don't have public restrooms!"  I didn't say a word to her, didn't look at her and just walked out.   First of all I was so embarassed by the accident I had.  I didn't need her to be angry at me and 'rub it in' about using her bathroom in the first place.  I wonder why there are people like that in this world.  What if it was her?  It could be at some time and I know she wouldn't like it at all.  My granddaughter has been in the hospital now for a little over a week.  She has NF and had surgery on her leg several weeks ago.  Now it's infected pretty bad.  They have to give her anti-biotics and they sedate her to clean it out every 2-3 days.  She has a drain and sponge inside.  She may be moved to a special children's hospital/rehibilitation center in a few days but it hasn't all gone through yet.  She's such a sweetie and doeesn't deserve all this.  She also has a brain tumor and the chemo has to stop for a while.  Please pray for her.   That's it for now.  I'll write later.