Bought "Introvert Power" which ought to have alot of good suggestions.
Was reading "for women only" about the inner lives of men, sort of their insecurities and stuff.  Just reminds me of my own insecurities, so having some more compassion.  I figure it may help in my relationship.
Just finished "Committed" by Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Eat Pray Love.  I got a lot out of it.  She struggled with getting into another marriage after having been opposed to the idea.  Yeah, I liked the discussion on the roles of single versus married women across time.  I'm glad I read it.
I was in Utah for a bit with my aunt.  We went to some thermal springs, on a hike in the Wasach mountains, and for a massage.  I enjoyed the bus ride home.  I kept with my promised routine to read recovery literature, answer al anon questions, call someone every day, pray and meditate.  I struggled a lot with the lack of me time during the trip.
It's really hot around here.  I'm glad I walked to library for the computer, even though one at home was available, I don't feel real comfy with it, it's not mine.  My parents both have a cold.  I'm glad I ran an errand to the post office.  I'm glad I kept my meeting commitment last night.



Great idea to read those self-help books! Sounds like you had a nice trip with your Aunt! Yeah I like walking to the library too and using the computer there better than using the one at home. Peace to you!:0)