Bonding time with my Daddy

Out of all the members of the family, my daddy is the only man who ever showed me true kindness. We haveĀ  awonderful bonding friendship since his mother, my grandmother passed away. My mom was happy as a jay bird, hated the women, and even so meanly said while still grieving, "Well you are the one who loved her unconditionally." I said back just as nasty,"Isn't that how you are suppose to treat blood? I am anxious cause if I don't food shop today I will be super hungry tomorrow. Anyone know what it's like to go hungry on a holliday? I sure do. I grew up in Anchora state. Aged out at 18. My day of freedom is valentines day. Never celebrated it as a day of love I celebrate it as the first day I became self sufficent. The end. Have a fine day peoples.